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Cloning Genetic Engineering; Cloning In today? world of advanced technology and even faster progress of this technology one has to stop and examine what we have accomplished. How far do we want to go with this technology of genetic engineering, particularly in the field of cloning. Examining genetic engineering and its many possibilities holds great hope for the future. Centrally the issue of cloning has been a hot topic in the media mainly because its has become a technological as well as a medical breakthrough. The possibilities of cloning are innumerable that is, if it works.

But the other side of the coin are the ethics of the process. What happens when we master cloning of body parts and venture out to clone humans Will this clone be someone who has feelings, and mind and a spirit of its own Will it have a soul Genetic Engineering, the alteration of an organisms genetic, or hereditary, material to eliminate undesirable characteristics or to produce desirable new ones(Brennan, 57) . Genetic engineering is used to increase plant and animal food production; to diagnose disease, improve medical treatment, and produce vaccines and other useful drugs.

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(Brennan, 58). Included in genetic engineering techniques are the selective cloning, genetic, dna, human, engineering, organism, been, recombinant, genes, clone, sheep, breeding, produce, another, new, organisms, issue, humans, egg, selective, one, nucleus, medical, donor, cells, animal, about, technology, scientists, research, world, technique, stop, protein, production

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