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Podocarpus deflexus Definition: Podocarpus deflexus is a species of conifer in the Podocarpaceae family. It is found in Indonesia and Malaysia. A shrub or small tree 10-13m tall inhabiting moist montane scrub between 1500m and 2100m altitude. This species is confined to Pahang (G. Tahan), where it has complete protection status in the national park (Taman Negara) and North Sumatra. Description: 1. Classification: Kingdom:Plantae Division:Pinophyta Class:Pinopsida Order:Pinales Family:Podocarpaceae Genus:Podocarpus Species:P.

deflexus Binomial Name: Podocarpus deflexusHabitat: 2. 1) Ecology: A shrub or small tree of moist montane scrub. Locally dominant in some areas. Elevation from herbarium specimens 1,590 to 1,830 m. 3. Geographical Distribution: 3.

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1) Range Description: Confined to Gunung Tahan in Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia and the Gajo Lands in north Sumatra (Indonesia). 3. 2) Countries: Indonesia (Sumatera); Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia) 4. Population: The two known populations are presumably small.

The lack of recent collections in the herbaria is possibly an artifact and cannot be taken as direct evidence on population trends.This species is known from 10 to 12 herbarium collections only, all but one from the location in Malaysia (D. de Laubenfels pers.

comm. 2006). 4. 1) Population Trend:[pic] Decreasing 5. Major Threats: Possible habitat degradation through fire. 6. Conservation Actions: The known collections were recorded from the Taman Negara (Malaysia) and Gunung Leuser Reserves. References 1.

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iucnredlist. org/apps/redlist/details/31408/0/print 4. http://www. unep-wcmc. org/latenews/emergency/fire_1997/tree3. htm

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