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What are your 3 strengths & weaknesses? Please tell us one experience how you utilized your strengths and improve your weaknesses.What are your personal and professional goals which you want to achieve in the next 5 years? How EASIES Global Citizen programmer can help you to achieve those personal and professional goal? Which challenges you can foresee to face before and during your internship abroad? What would you do to overcome these challenges ? Project type preferences: Environment Indonesia Social Entrepreneurship MalaysiaWAITS Thailand Linguistic Education Philippines Cultural education Cambodia Subject education Sir Lankan q China Tourism India Other Korea Date preference (the date you will go abroad): Duration preference: Budget preference: USED 600 – 800 (Cambodia) USED 800-1000 (south Ease Sat) USED 1000- 1800 (China, -rattan, sin Lankan) USED 1800 – 2500 (Korea) Recruitment? If you are recruited as a participant of Global Citizen programmer, are you willing to present or promote about EASIES Vietnam or the programmer on media? Yes No Have you ever wanted to be a member

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