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of the EU can freely cross borders within the EU in search of opportunities for
jobs work and education, a better standard of living, or even for something as
trivial as a more desirable climate. Germans work in the finance sector in
Britain and Luxembourg, young Romanians work in fast food chains in Germany,
Spaniards study in British universities, and Germans retire in sunny Spain.

of a total of 27 countries with a population of more than 500 million, the
European Union is currently the world’s best research laboratory on legal,
transnational migration.

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continent of Europe has been a witness to a long history of internal migration such flows often occurred in response to the
constant shifts of economic and geopolitical power between Europe’s constituent
nation states.

Second World War, Germany granted refuge to millions of refugees from regions
formerly part of Nazi Germany, while large numbers of Finns and Poles had to
relocate to the Western parts of their countries. These internal immigrant
inflows played a crucial role in the economic expansion of Europe, and changed
a lot of ethnically homogeneous countries into multi-ethnic societies. By the
1980s, former “temporary” guest workers from other European Nations had turned
into permanent residents, who then aided further entries from their origin
countries. At the beginning of the 1990s, the fall of the USSR and the collapse
of the Berlin wall triggered a large flow of workers from Eastern & Central
Europe to Western Europe, countries in Southern Europe such as Spain Portugal
Italy and Greece, started to become net immigration countries. The recent enlargement
of the EU caused a huge amount of migration flows from the new EU countries
toward the rest of the European Union. Poles migrated to the UK and
Irelan,Italy and Spain saw large scale settlement of Romanians &
Bulgarians. But due to the Great Recession, immigration flows into many
European countries slowed down significantly.

topic of discussion today in all immigrant-receiving countries is that what has
been the economic performance of immigrants and how have these countries fared
in providing the necessary conditions to ensure the assimilation of these immigrants?
Second, what have been the consequences of immigration for the natives in the
host countries?

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