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With the increasing globalization of the world economy and expanding business transubstantiation of particular importance for the effective functioning of national economies is the need to optimize the model of bilateral economic relations. System of bilateral economic relations between the two countries can be seen in two Ways: at the State level, which determines the overall concept, legislative framework and forms of cooperation, and at the level of business organizations, the ultimate goal of the operation of which is the increase in revenue and profitability by taking advantage of the business environment in the partner countries.A detailed study of the business environment is particularly important for the company n the initial phase of its release to the market of another country when choosing the scope of business, territory or region of investment, the legal form of business, partners etc.The degree of a favorable business environment is defined by a combination of factors and mechanisms,taking into account and using of which is to create conditions for the stability of the business environment and strong safeguards that reduce risks and encourage business development. Factors forming business environment can be divided into the following groups: ;D Political; ILL legal; ;D economic; јD social and cultural ;C] demographic; technological; ;C] environmental.

Currently there is no single criterion for assessing the degree of favorable business environment. Most consulting companies, institutions, and international organizations that assess the level of attractiveness and competitive position of the national economies of various countries, use a long list of criteria, calculated on the basis of statistical data, survey data and external expert review in order to determine the impact of various factors shaping the conditions for business.

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