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China, one of the fastest growing countries in the world, is a good place for career development or improvement. The recent study shows that last year around 398,000 foreign students came to China, making it the third most popular destination in the world (behind the United States and the United Kingdom). Most Importantly , By 2020, the Chinese government plans to register 500,000 international students for Chinese higher education


In recent years, The Chinese government has doubled its exertions to increase the number of scholarships for international Students . Last year, an astounding 40% of foreign students who recently studied in China received some kind of financial compensation from the government in order to peruse their studies in china .

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The 1979 reforms too place in China’s and transform into  socialism to  capitalist system which made China one of the world’s largest economies.

This rapid increase in popularity can be explained in part by government-subsidized scholarships, as well as the continuous progress of Chinese universities in the international ranking table , not to mention the attractiveness of the most widely used language in the world.


Throughout the year and nearly 100 universities won QS University: in Asia in 2016, the main Chinese institutions are increasingly involved in the international ranking. So if you are looking for top-level education and research in your CV, which is likely to become more important in the coming decades, China is at the right choice for you .

Chinese history is almost as long and uninterrupted as the Chinese wall itself, although the written records from 1600 BC are often called the source of Chinese civilization, which is up to 5000 BC. Some of the innovations we have today Usage, like paper, prints, compass and gunpowder, were all invented in China before the Europeans knew it.



China has a big impact on its surrounding continents. To understand China, the understanding of East Asia as a whole . Confucianism formed China, Korea, and Japan for 2000 years. The Chinese writing system also extended to Japan, where Chinese characters are used, along with the original Japanese characters. In the 20th century, Chinese characters were also used in Korea and Vietnam.


Beijing ranks 25th and Shanghai 39th in the best student city, QA 2016. This is surprising, given the choice of choosing universities, good employment opportunities and most importantly the cost of living is   relatively low.


No matter what time and where you are in the city, you do not have to constantly look over your shoulder. However, small flights are frequent and with so many people on the streets, especially in the most popular tourist spots, pickpockets can quickly disappear in the crowd. This precautionary measure is not limited to China; It is not different from other big cities. The local population is generally peaceful and friendly. The only thing you should be afraid of is that your mother loves you so much and makes you get fatter with more food, more food).


Take can benefit of your position to fly to South Korea, Thailand or Mongolia during the term break  and broaden your horizons! Studying abroad in China is a great way to travel as much as possible before settling down or starting an international career.

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