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‘Children signify the future of the world we live in now’. Each child is a prospective leader, doctor, teacher, or other individuals that could change the situations we all live in. My interest in children has always been a great and major key in my life. I’m a highly motivated and hardworking individual and believe I would be well suited to such a course. Growing up I have always been surrounded by children which caused me to love them and take a keen interest in how they are brought to become successful adults. I have always had a fundamental belief that children should grow up knowing that they are loved and cared for. In the years that I took an interest in how children are brought up, I developed a deep understanding that not all children have the privilege of having loving and caring parents and this will impact on a child’s self-esteem and ability to achieve in life.   I have reviewed serious case studies during my time on this childcare course which has deeply saddened me and thus motivated me into doing what I think I can do best and take further actions when becoming a social worker. Charley was 2 when she first started to get abused by her violent and alcoholic stepfather that would come every night and beat up her mother. At the age of 4, Charley was forced to perform a sex act on her stepfather which carried on till she was around the age of 16. At the age of 16, she decided to run away. Cases like this have always impacted my choice in becoming a social worker. No child should experience suffering like Charlie and other individuals that are getting abused. This will impact me as a social worker as I will strive to make a positive change in people’s lives knowing that I get to see the difference that I made.   Having decided on a career in social work early on, I have moved my studies towards this field, taking childcare as a course. I have achieved grades in English, Math, IT and Childcare and Education level 3. I have many important skills that can be very useful in pursuing a career as a social worker. I have been working in two different nurseries for the past two years and this gave me an insight into the value of diversity in childcare settings and status of social needs. My listening skills and communication skills have improved because the majority of the time was however spent listening and communicating with the children and this helped me improve both of my skills as a practitioner. Alongside this; teamwork and leadership are important because it helps you understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses of each member of the group and by doing this it helps the leader blend matching strengths together. During my training as a childcare practitioner, I have learned effective observation skills where I am able to identify any changing behaviours of children and support emotional needs effectively. I have been involved in a position of responsibility in my college as class rep developing problem-solving and organizational skills. These skills are not only important in everyday uses but also in social work. Being organized is very vital in social work because important paperwork can get lost which prevents more stress. Also, problem solving is key to becoming a good social worker because it produces self-confidence and builds self-esteem; this will then contribute to success.   I believe that doing social work will allow me to be caring and effective as well as fair. In my opinion, children at this age are the most vulnerable as they do not have a voice to speak up for themselves if they are being abused. I, as an upcoming child protection social worker, can speak out for them and provide the best care for children that need a positive place to grow into their full potential. I believe I have the passion, qualities and drive to become a skilled and effective social worker and look forward to the challenges ahead

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