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Children and adult development BY Knsttne9105 Task 1. 1. 1. Infancy O- 3 years 2. Childhood 4- 10 years 3. Adolescence 11 – 18 years 4. Adulthood 19 – 65 years 5. Later adulthood 65+ Task 1. 2. Physical development Gross motor skills – large muscles Fine motor skills – using small muscles Baby – babies are born with several actions or reflexes that they use to survive. For example, crying or grasping objects. Child – the child starts to go to school and go to activities with other children. They have exercises at school, they develop their moves.

Teenager – during this time a teenager experiences their bodies change. For xample, they start to grow taller. They exercise a lot and they try to be fit. Adult – they do not exercise a lot any more, women have menopause, their body and hormones change. Adults are little overweight, because of lees exercise. Elderly – in these age people stop exercise and they increase in weight. They do not go to long walks and sit at home more. Intellectual development Baby – first babies can not speak, but they use crying to show their emotions.

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For example, baby will cry if he feels cold or he is hungry. Child – child tries to solve his problems, try to understand why it is happening and how he can stop the problem. He even can have one or more an imaginary friend. They can develop their mind by playing table games. Teenager – teenager have a lot of problems and they try to solve these problems, for example, problems with friends, family and teachers. Sometimes they feel scared or do not understand their problems. Teenager starts to go to school, have exams and stressful days.

Adult – adults develop intellectually by going to different course and groups, changing work. Communicate wit other people, for example, from other countries and different religions. Elderly – they have lots of free ime, they can stay at home and read books, go to the communicate centres, find new hobbies and friends. Emotional development cry when mother leaves him or he can feel stressed out if his parents cream on each other and it can affect babys emotional development. Child – the way children learn to express and control feelings.

They have to learn how to learn how to control their feelings and understand that means angry, love. For example, if the child do not know how to coupe with anger he can hit other children, if the child feels lonely or with great imagination he can have imaginary friends. Teenager – they start to nderstand what they want to be, what they want to do in the future. They have mixed feelings doing change. He can feel lonely or sad if he is not the most popular person at school. Adult – they can feel different emotions because of family, work or children. They try to feel better and try to protect their family.

Elderly – I think in older adulthood people start to think about their lives and the meaning of it. They try to think what they did when they were younger and what they will do in their future. Social development Baby – babies learn to trust special people in their lives. This process is called attachment. For example, baby will smile when he sees his mother. Child – the way children learn to play and work with other children and adults, for example, making new friends in playground. Teenager – when they start to understand their development, how to communicate with others.

They can start to be like someone else, for example, favourite singer or actor. Adult – in adulthood people start their own lives, for example, they can start to think about marriage, they relationship. Elderly -in older adulthood people start to understand that they have a lot of free time, they can go and do their favourite things or stay at home. Task 2. 1. Lifestyle changes e. g. smoking, drinking Growth – if smoking and drugs are a habit and taken regularly this will affect their physical development, for example, drinking too much can destroy a person’s internal organs.

If you are teenager and you smoke you would not to grow properly, for example, lots of health problems, heart disease. Smoking when you are pregnant will affect your baby. Development – for example, if your bad habit is smoking you can loose all your friends who are not smoking. Teenager can have problems with concentrating at school. Exercises Growth – lack of exercises can affect body weight and the growth. Exercise is very important for everyone, because we have lots of overweight children and adults.

Adults need to encourage children to exercise, for example, swimming, water parks their muscles will develop. Development – you need to do exercise to relax your mind from everyday stress, for example, if you will go to the gym at least once a week your body will feel stronger and mind relaxed. Personal injury Growth – for example, if the person has an in injury and he can not walk any more, it will affect his growth and development, because if it is very young person he could not do his favourite sports, go to parties like others. Development – that can affect all people’s life.

The person need a good person next to him who can look after him, because if the young person loose one of his legs, he will be probably feeling lonely, at least in the firs one or two years. He could not Join the party with others he can not go to dates. Task 2. 2. Bonding with parent/carer – for example, if the person has bad relationship with his/ her mother it can affect his/her understanding about mothers and daughters/sons relationship in the future. The person can feel sad, lonely even depressed about relationship with mother. We can not choose or parents, we only can try to nderstand them.

It can affect social life, for example, he does not want to go to parties where they need to take their mothers. Emotionally you feel lonely and like no one can understand you. Divorce – for some couple it can be very stressful and sad, because when the couple gets married they have dreams about love, future, but one day all that disappears and the person feels offended. It is very difficult to start a new relationship and trust other people again. Parenthood – becoming new parents are very stressful. Before a baby a couple spends all their free time together, they go outside, to the cinema, parks.

Now when they have a baby couple can feel scared and the couple can become detached from each other. They can feel very lonely and emotionally sad. Task 2. 3. Effects of ageing in the later stage of life definitely change people’s lives. They change emotionally and physical. They need to adapt to their new lives. People need to understand that their mind is still young but the body can not be the same age like twenty years ago. Men and women changes: Men memory may not work as efficiently. Women Osteoporosis may develop (Brittle bones), hot flushes and night sweats, dry skin and yes, weight changes, period stops.

Women and man changes are similar, like, grey hair, wrinkles, but some changes can affect women more than man, for example, Brittle bones, usually men bones are more resistant. Period stops for women between 45 – 55 years but it depends on genes, for example, if your mother’s period stopped at 56 it is possible that your period will at 56 years too. Weight changes are different for women and man. A woman gets more weight on waist and stomach but men only on the stomach. It depends of the person. She/he has active life with exercise or no.

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