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Child Abuse The key word in the definition of child abuse is deliberate. Why would anyone deliberately do something like that to their own child In 2001, 3 million referrals concerning the welfare of approximately 5 million children were made to Child Protective Service agencies throughout the United States. Professionals, including teachers, law enforcement officers, social services workers, and physicians, made more than half of the reports. Others, including family members, neighbors, and other members of the community, made the remaining referrals.

More than one-quarter of investigations or assessments 28 percent resulted in a finding that the child was abused or at risk of abuse. The remaining investigations resulted in a finding that the abuse did not occur, the child was not at risk of abuse, or the information wasn?t good enough.Approximately 903,000 children were to be victims of child abuse. Not in just physical but in, medical neglect, sexual abuse, and psychological. To get these numbers down, there are lots of things us as a country can do.

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We can start by letting kids be kids, and being parents to kids not their friend, but not their worst enemy. Most States define perpetrators of child abuse or neglect as a parent percent, child, victims, perpetrators, abuse, parent, age, years, rate, median, children, abused, states, population, parents, neglect, maltreated, made, kids, half, accounted, 2001, 41, women, victimization, risk, resulted, remaining, relative, referrals, one-quarter, numbers, mother, million, men, members

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