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Chicane Art Chicane Park Today, there is a place located in San Diego, California called Chicane Park, which is a place full of pride throughout the Mexican-American community. When I first arrived at Chicane Park I was not sure what to expect. This is my first year ever living in San Diego so the area is still pretty new to me. Before taking this Chicane Art class, I actually never even had a clue that Chicane Park existed. On my way to Chicane Park, I soon began to the numerous amounts of murals sight away.

I found the Saputo Statue to be extremely creative and unique. The reason I find it unique is because of what it stands for. Throughout history Chicane’s have constantly has to endure a tremendous amount of struggles. To me, Chicane Park portrays everything that Chicane’s have overcome throughout their lifetime. Chicane Park is absolutely gorgeous. My favorite mural would definitely have to be the one that was painted on the ceiling. The pastel colors used in it completely intrigued me.

One reason why I found it to be so interesting is because of the extra time and effort they must have put in to paint the mural at such an odd angle. This painting my far stood out to me the most and has inspired me to paint something using the similar technique in the near future. Another thing I found to be cool about Chicane park was the Stevens 2 process on restoring most of the mural. I found it to be a great idea. This is because when walking through the park, you are most definitely able to see the difference on which murals had been restored and which ones had not.

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It is almost unbelievable about hoe expensive the cost was to restore these murals. However, no matter how high the cost, the money was definitely put to good use. Now people will travel to visit Chicane Park and be able to view the artwork it its best form. It is also nice to know that no matter how hard some people will try and attempt to vandalize the park, they will fail. This is because now all mural in Chicane Park are being protected with an anti-graffiti guard. Overall, Chicane Park was a great experience for me.

I would very much like to visit the park again and bring my friends and family to enjoy the beautiful scenery. My favorite aspect about Chicane Park would most definitely be what it stands for. Which is, pride amongst the Chicane community for all the struggles in which they have had to endure and are still enduring. I am extremely excited for the new knowledge that I have recently gained on this subject and I plan to spread it to the community to the best of my ability. Chicane art By weatherboards

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