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After every titration, the contents are discarded and flask is rinsed with distilled water. To insure that there is no residue or other contaminants from the earlier experiments, the conical flask must wash with distilled water properly until no residues or contaminants can be seen maneuvered in the conical flask. Even so, after the conical flask is properly rinsed with distilled water, the conical flask should e wiped with a clean towel to make sure that there is no distilled water and the conical flask is dry.

This is because it might affect the rate of the reaction or produce an inaccurate reading which can affect the results. 3. During the experiment, the conical flask is swirled with the right hand while the left hand is used to control the amount of the NBS by opening and closing the stopcock. Sometimes, even if the burette’s stopcock is closed tightly, there might be some drops of NBS still dripping out and dropping into the conical flask. This might affect the reading of the NBS in the burette.

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Hence, a clean and dry cloth should always be in hand to wipe out excess NBS dripping from the burette to insure accurate reading is obtained. 4. During conducting the experiment, one of the procedures involves swirling the conical flask with one hand while the other involves in opening and closing the stopcock of the burette. This procedure can affect the accuracy of the results because it involves swirling the conical flask using man power. Every student would certainly swirl the conical flask at a different rate and speed while repeating the experiments.

Therefore, the rate of action may differ from each other and hence the accuracy might reduce. 5. When the solution to turn a permanent yellow-green or blue color, the end point of the experiment is reached. However, the way to determine the endpoint is not accurate because everyone has his or her own opinion on the color change. This will eventually affect the results of the experiments. CONCLUSIONS The mass of the ascorbic acid in ml of the solution is 106. OMG and the mass (MGM) of ascorbic acid in the vitamin C tablet is magma. Hence, the mass percentage of ascorbic acid in the vitamin C tablet is 23. 2324%.

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