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These days, cheating in exams became a serious problem not Just because students don’t work anymore but because they become lazy; that means that they don’t make any efforts and want others to help hem.

This problem has very bad effects, which I will talk about in the body. Firstly, when students get great marks, their teacher will think that they got the lesson and will start another one, which is not the case; but how can the teacher know?The more dangerous thing in this case is that when these students will pass his course, they will find themselves in a difficult class but with no previous knowledge, which will cause, either their fail or some difficulties on understanding. Secondly, those cheaters will become lazy; and of course, this laziness will become a habit; that means that their brains will be programmed not to work and revise; then one day they will need their brains to help them but they will refuse.A writer said “the error nests in the habit”; there whole life will become fund in this laziness. Finally, cheating probably causes our society problems like bribery and poverty. Because of cheating in exams, our responsibility posts are given to people who don’t deserve them, so they won’t have enough knowledge to control a country, a city or even a village.All what they want is money; they don’t do their Jobs as they have to so they cause society problems.

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To conclude, no student must be allowed to cheat. Our decision makers must have an objective, which is not to allow students to succeed if they don’t deserve it; having a hundred or two hundred good students graduating every year is better than having a thousand one who don’t deserve it.

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