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Cheat Sheet for Collaborative Challenge #1 – SSL and Task Understanding Self-regulated learning: a system of active and pro-active learning deliberate process of planning, monitoring and regulating your thinking, behavior and motivation in order to complete an academic task; involves 3 things: metrification, motivation and strategic action those who practice SIR have superior academic behaviors, cognition & performance, and t motivation 1 .

Metrification is having awareness of and/or using: self (learning strengths and weaknesses) tasks and environments (demands of tasks or activities) effective thinking and problem solving strategies to cope with a tasks challenges example of self-regulation: organizing ideas into concept map, paraphrasing key points from a reading 2.

Motivation requires a: genuine interest in learning belief that ability is incremental (done in steps); errors present learning opportunities focus on personal progress and a willingness to try challenging tasks belief that effort and effective strategy use will lead to success (efficient work, not “harder” work) example of self-regulation: how much you value the task, confidence in abilities to do well 3.

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Strategic Action consists of: choosing from a repertoire (supply) of strategies best suited to the learning situation at hand applying strategies effectively and efficiently answers the question, “when you come up against a challenge, what do you do? ” example of self-regulation: choosing quiet place to study, asking professor for help/ advice Four Steps of the Recursive Process for SIR (note: all of these surround “monitoring & evaluating”) 1 . Task Perception —+ do you understand what you’re being asked to do?

Figure out what to do and why 2. Goals & Plans —+ define your direction, plans, strategies you may use 3. Task Enactment —+ think action; what are you doing (task approach), experiment w/ dif. Strategies 4. Large Scale Adaptation —+ think change; pay attention to results & outcomes; monitor & evaluate what’s working before you make any changes (adaptations) —+ Questions to ask whether or not something can be defined as SIR: Does it optimize task understanding? Does it commit to goals?

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