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Hypothesis: If we increase the temperature of the water, hen the balloon will expand. If we decrease the temperature of the water, then the balloon will contract. Materials and Procedures: Manipulated Variable: water temperature Responding Variable: volume of the balloon Controlled Variables: chemical amount, pressure, materials Materials: * See other page Proceed rest: Observations: Charles’ Law Balloon/Water Lab Date Table Water Temperature I Water Amount How Balloon Reacted I Boiling water 1 moll I Balloon expanded I

Cooled water 1 moll I Balloon contracted, fell into beaker I Labeled Diagram: Analysis and Conclusion Based on my date that I have found can conclude that my hypothesis is correct. That if the temperature of a balloon is raised, then it will expand. If the temperature of the balloon is lowered, then the balloon will contract. The data that I found is a follows: If a balloon is placed on a beaker with moll of boiling water, the balloon will gain volume and expand.

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If the water in the beaker under the balloon is cooled, then the balloon will lose volume and contract. Potential sources of error in this lab were: experiment was conducted once rather than three times, water in the sink was not cold enough, water in the beaker was not hot enough, lack of a working.

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