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The psychological characteristics that coincide with obesity and how to cope with related factors that cannot be controlled. The calculations that are included for energy requirements are: gender, age, physical activity, body size and weight, and growth. If one is not using the energy requirements, hence weight gain is the result. Health related behaviors will be unidentified, and the coloratura factors that impacts obesity. Last, the lifestyle changes that are vital to live healthy and the strategies that are necessary to overcome obesity for the groups who are most effected. Ho wrote a book entitled, “The Memoir of a Successful Loser” In 1973, a handbook was prepared for women about how to implement an exchange based diet. The plan works for some women but success rate for weight loss was only 25%.

Jenny Craig, Nutriment’s, Meditate, Lap Band Surgery and Liposuction, has made millions off of obese men and women. The community supports these companies and procedures because it improves awareness on healthy living and positive food choices. However, obesity stems deeper than Just poor food choices.

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It is a psychological characteristic hat is taught, learned or genetically pasted on.Groups that have obesity have genetic, metabolic, and environmental influences. For example, according to (CDC) Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “Non- Hispanic blacks have the highest rates of obesity. (49.

5%) compared to Mexican Americans. (40. 4%) all Hispanics (39. 1%) and non-Hispanics whites (34.

3%)”. (2012) Obesity increases each year regardless of income and educational status and levels. Furthermore, obesity costs an estimated $147 billion in 2008. The medical cost for an individual who is overweight is $1,429 yearly. That is significantly higher than those who are healthy.

CDC, 2012) In addition, the risk factors for obesity are staggering. Visceral fat poses the greatest risk to diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, gallbladder stones, stroke and some forms of cancer. Hence, the central obesity elevates possible death from all the risk factors because of subcutaneous fat of the abdomen, thighs, hips and legs. Unfortunately, extra fat puts stress on the heart. A hormone called dopiness regulates the inflammatory processes and energy for metabolism tissue. There is unequal balance of dopiness when a person is overweight thus, making a lipid profile higher than normal.Consequently, there are treatments for obesity.

For extreme obesity (40 or higher body mass index) livestock or gastric binding will reduce body fat quickly. For other’s that do not qualify for the surgery, would benefit from a life style change. It has been documented that sleep deprivation is linked to obesity. (CDC, 2012) The Mayo Clinic suggests, “Dietary changes, exercise and activity, behavior change, prescription weight loss medication”. (2011, page 53) The one thing that is missing is social purport. Social support is key to losing weight.For some, it is a battle everyday to start a weight loss program alone. Encouragement and healthy motivation will allow a person to change their negative outlook about themselves.

However, the weight loss results for a person with poor genetics has a different story. If genes carry enzymes, metabolism and genetic variations, it might be reasonable to explain why some people get fat and others stay thin. According to Whitney and Seizer, “For someone with at least one obese parent, the chance of becoming obese is estimated to fall teens 30 and 70 percent”. 2011, page 338) Environmental factors also play a role in obesity. Low income families have a higher tendency to be obese than higher likely, the disease of obesity cannot develop unless the environment factor that lie outside the body, provides the meaner to doing so. Hence, there are lots of anti- obesity efforts in the United States.

First Lady Michelle Obama started a health program called “Let’s Move”. Including some lessons at public and private schools, like nutrition education. The first stop was banning high calorie drinks in schools.

The retreat risk for caloric drinks is in lower elementary and middle schools. Mississippi has the largest (34. 4%) percentage of obesity in the United States.

Children in Mississippi are 17. 8% over weight. Also, 67. 4% are on the boarder of obesity. Southern food is known as, “Soul Food”. Families have large gatherings on Sunday afternoon to enjoy the latest gossip and fried chicken. Just as Paula Dean claims, “everything is better with butter”. Dean has deep southern roots in Georgia where “lard and alcohol is the main staple in the kitchen”.

The public is obese in the south because of lifestyle.A person does not want to disrespect their host by declining fried vegetables and collard greens boiled in lard. In the eastern states it is socially acceptable to decline food, but in the southern culture; it is rude. “Every year over 400,000 people are dying of obesity in America. Health problems are also costing the country over 117 billion dollars every year. ” Health and lifestyle changes in the southern states would benefit from communities maintaining safe neighborhoods for physical activity, and improve access to parks and playgrounds.

Encourage eating breakfast, and peer to peer support programs.A behavior therapist can alter cognitive skills to a new way of thinking, thus talking about what is bothering them rather than overeating. Although, people do not realize the damage of obesity and the diseases it causes, like hypertension, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and certain cancers. It is staggering that most people do not know they are diabetic, when they are. For some, especially Hispanics find out when symptoms appear. It would be advantageous to exercise prevention of diabetes before it starts.

Hence, lifestyle change is the most importance to a healthy eight.

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