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Chapter 13  In the beginning of chapter 13, all five of the people left were acting very cautious and nervous to do anything. They all are being way more alert than usual. They hear the littlest sounds and see the smallest things because they are scared and want to know who the murderer is.

None of them are having conversations or any other interactions with each other to try to prevent any more murdering. Armstrong is trying to find out what is going on and Lombard is trying to get everyone to leave once the weather gets better. Wargrave says they all must be very careful. They all eat lunch in the kitchen and look at eachother very oddly. They lose the revolver and don’t know who took it.

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Vera asks if anyone wants tea, so whoever wanted to tea would watch     Vera make it just in case. Then the lights start to twitch and eventually go out suddenly. But then they realize the engine hasn’t been running day to day since Rogers death. Wargrave then tells Lombard there is a box of candles in the larder. Lombard then goes to get the candles, while the four of them look at each other suspiciously. It’s now about twenty past six and Vera can’t take it no more, so she grabbed a candle and decided to go get a bath.

While she was walking down the hall to the bathroom, she could smell the sea on the island as her nostrils shook. She then opened the door and could hear Cyril’s voice saying “can I swim out to the island, Miss Claythorne?” Her candle went out and it was pitch dark, she knew everyone was downstairs so she tried to not be scared. Then she felt a cold, wet, and clammy hand, that smelt like the sea on her throat. She screamed really loud because she was very scared.

The men ran upstairs to check on her and then she continued to scream, but opened her eyes. When she opens her eyes she realized that it was just seaweed on her throat and then laughs.  She was offered a drink, but wouldn’t drink it because she didn’t know where it came from. Lombard laughs and then tells her appreciatively she has her wits about her, even after being scared to death. Armstrong then helps her to her feet and over the the basin.

Lombard says that the scare of Vera was a murder that didn’t work out. Suddenly Vera asks where Wargrave is. Since he didn’t follow them up the stairs, they went to check on him in the living room. When they got to the living room, he was sitting in his high backed chair with two candles on either side of him, wearing a scarlet robe and a judge’s wig. He was bent forward a round wound on his forehead where he was shot dead. Vera realizes that the wig was made from Miss Brent’s grey wool and Blore notices that the scarlet robe was made from the missing bathroom curtain.Lombard laughs and says that Wargrave’s act of playing court is over.

Vera says that in the morning Lombard thought that Wargrave was the murderer. Lombard agreed with Vera and then said, “Here’s one more of us who’s been proved innocent – too late!Chapter 14     In chapter 14, all four of the peopleleft, and they carried Wargrave’s body up to his room and lay the body on the bed. Then they go back downstairs to the kitchen after Lombard says they need to eat.

After eating a can of tongue, Vera says she will never eat it again. Then they all wonder how they didn’t hear the shot, that killed Wargrave. Blore says “only four of us now . . . Who’ll be the next?” And Mr. Armstrong mechanically responds “We must be very careful,” but stops when Blore told Armstrong exactly what Wargrave said… and now he’s dead. They start to go over how all this happens and agree that the seaweed was planted in Vera’s room to get them all up there so they would be distracted.

Then Lombard says that they weren’t able to hear the shot because of Vera’s screaming, the howling of the wind, and all the running up the steps and down the hall. But he says that trick won’t work again. Then they all stare at each other, still wondering who the murderer is. All of them decide to go to sleep, to calm down.    When they got upstairs, they all put their hands on the handles of their door and all went in and shut their doors at the same time. Lombard begins to think the crazy island is getting to him. Then his wolf-like smile comes out suddenly. He undressed and went to the table by the bed, opened the drawer and in no surprise, he saw the revolver laying there.

Vera started to get a little nervous falling asleep, but she knew that she was locked in her room and no one could get her. She thought she could stay in her room for a day or two, but she would be alone and all she would think about it is Hugo and Cyril.She returns to that time in her head, she tells Cyril that she will distract his mother so he can swim out to the rock. She worries that something might go wrong.

What if Cyril is rescued in time? But then she realizes that she can just say that Cyril is lying, like he always does. She wonders if Hugo suspected, because after the investigation he left quickly and didn’t respond to the letter she wrote him. Then Vera wonders why she thought Hugo was in the room with her, and then looks at the hook on the ceiling that had the seaweed on it.

She shivers after thinking of it touching her throat. The hook was very interesting to her for some reason.     Blore sat in his room on the side of the bed, reflecting on Wargrave and wishing he knew where the revolver was. He told himself that he won’t the the next to die. While he was laying in bed, he started to remember his police days and began to see the faces of Mrs.Rogers and Anthony Marston. He also sees Landor, who he didn’t realize at first. For the first time he wonders what happened to Landor’s wife and children.

But then he started to wonder where the revolver was. It was finally one in the morning and Blore heard loud noises outside his room. He wanted to investigate, but he knew that would be stupid because he would probably get murdered.

Then he hears the footsteps pass his room, he decides to grab a lamp for a weapon and was about to run downstairs. As he is about to run downstairs he realizes that he is making a fool of himself, because maybe this was just a trap. He realizes that he can just check which of the rooms are empty. He checks Armstrong’s room and no answer. Vera and Lombard answered, so he told them about no answer from Armstrong. Lombard and Blore tellVera not to answer her door unless both of them are there.

Lombard tells Blore, the revolver has been returned to him and they are safe from being shot, then they look all over both the island and the house and cannot find Armstrong anywhere. They come back to Vera and tell her that a pane in the dining room window has been broken and there are only three soldiers left.Chapter 15    Chapter 15, starts with the final three people eating breakfast in the kitchen on a sunny day. Lombard says they should try to go signal for help with a mirror, but then he realizes the storm stopped but the sea is still very dangerous and no boat could get to them. He said that could have a bonfire in the evening to signal the mainland. Blore then started to wonder about how Armstrong died. He suspects Lombard because he thinks he might’ve had the revolver the whole time and then threw Armstrong into the sea. Blore thinks it’s fair that Lombard locks up the revolver and they both get a key.

Vera thinks they are both idiots because the rhyme says “Four little soldier boys going out to sea; A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.” She says that Armstrong is the red herring and isn’t actually dead. She says that everything has been going by the nursery rhyme, so this probably is too. Blore says that there is no zoo on the island. But Vera says “Don’t you see? We’re the Zoo … Last night, we were hardly human anymore. We’re the Zoo …”   They spent the morning at the cliffs with a mirror and flashlight trying to signal the mainland. There’s wants any indication anyone on the mainland noticed them.

They searched for Armstrong and he was nowhere to be found. Vera said she felt safer outside, so they agreed to stay out as long as they could. Blore told her that they would need to go in at night and she will be safe locked in her room. Vera says she feels really happy in the sun. She felt like she wouldn’t die outside and full of power. It’s now two and Blore is getting hungry for lunch.

Vera refused to go inside. Blore and Vera argued, but Blore couldn’t win the argument so he went inside alone. Vera was a little nervous for Blore togo alone, but Lombard told her that Armstrong isn’t armed so he will be fine.    Lombard says that they should be careful of Blore, because he might’ve  not even been an ex-policeman. He also says he will protect him and Vera from Blore in case something happens. Vera asks why she would trust him, and says she thinks Armstrong is the killer because she thinks someone is stalking them. Lombard asks Vera if she actually drowned the kid and Vera said no, but he didn’t believe her. He said it probably all involved a man and Vera agreed with his statement.

They both hear a bang and a cry, so the ran back up to the house. Blore had been crushed by a great block of white marble, shaped like a bear. It was the one that was on the mantelpiece in Vera’s room. Lombard is then about to go find Armstrong in the house, but Vera stops him by saying that, that is what Armstrong wants him to do. Lombard decides that they should find a high place on the island and stay awake all night.

Once they started to walk and get closer to the sea, they see a bundle of rocks. They go closer and see a purple disclosure face realize that it is Armstrong and notice he is dead! Chapter 16   In chapter 16, with two people left, Vera and Lombard look at each other and realize it’s only them. Vera asks Lombard how he was able to hit Blore with the marble bear. Lombard tells Vera that in killing Blore he pulled off quite a good conjuring trick. Vera feels like she sees Lombard’s wolfish face for the first time.

Lombard tells Vera that the end is now, considering that they are the only ones alive. Vera feels bad for Armstrong, so they carry him up to the house with the other bodies. Lombard asks Vera is she is ok and Vera says she is.

She took Lombards revolver while they were carrying the body and then shows him. Lombard grew very nervous because he thought death was near with her have the revolver. He tells Vera to hand him the revolver.

He then tries to reach for it, and Vera pulls the trigger without caution. Lombard was shot dead, right in through the heart.  Vera finally felt relieved, because now it was only her.

She eventually realizes that she is the only one on the island. She is very hungry, but mostly tired. She thought that maybe she would get rescued tomorrow, but it really didn’t matter to her.

Vera didn’t mind staying on the island. As she walked into the ordinary well-built modern house, she saw the three indians. She went and grabbed the two and broke them and grabbed the final one and took it up to her room filled with victory.     Vera remembers the last verse of the nursery rhyme “one little soldier boy left all alone, and he got married and then there were none.” She suddenly felt that Hugo was with her in the house. When she got to her room she sees a noose hanging from the hook on the ceiling of her room and a chair ready to be kicked away. Then she realizes that the last line is really “He went and hanged himself and then there were None.

” The little china figure rolled out of Vera’s hand. She is standing in the place where she was when she felt Cyril’s cold wet hand on her throat. She then realizes that she really did murder him. She climbs on the chair, adjusts the noose around her neck and feels that Hugo is with her to see what she has to do. She then kicks away the chair! Epilogue       Sir Thomas Legge, the Assistant Commissioner at Scotland Yard was peaking with Inspector Maine about Soldier’s Island. They couldn’t  understand how there could be ten people dead on an island and no survivors.

Legge wanted to know who killed them, but there’s very little evidence. Wargrave and Lombard were shot, Miss Brent and Marston died of cyanide poisoning, Mrs. Rogers died of an overdose of chloral, Rogers head was split open, Blore’s head was crushed, Armstrong drowned, Macarthur’s skull was fractured, and Vera was hanged. They thought the sticklehaven people would know something about it, but they didn’t. All they knew was that, the island was owned by Mr. Owen and all the arrangements were made up by a man named Isaac Morris. Morris is also dead now.

They know that he was mixed up in the drug business. The Sticklehaven townspeople didn’t notice anything strange, because the millionaire who owned the island before always used to have crazy parties. They knew to expect strange events from the island. Fred Narracott told the police that he was surprised by the people who went to the party, because they were all so normal and quiet. Which then led him to violate Mr. Morris’s orders and take a boat to the island to check out the SOS signals they had been sending. Boy Scouts on the mainland saw the signals on the 11th but they could not get there until the 12th because of the rough seas.    The gramophone record they found on the island was made by a theatrical company and sent to U.

N. Owen, by Morris. It was supposed to be a part of an amateur performance of a new play. Inspector Maine said that he investigated everything as far as he could. Maine told Legge about what all the guests were being accused for on the island. He mentioned that Seton, who Wargrave convicted, was found later to really have been guilty.

He also says that Isaac Morris died on the night of August 8th when he took an overdose of sleeping pills and there was nothing to show if it was an accident or suicide. Legge thinks that the death of Morris must be related.Maine says that they do know why everyone was killed. It had to have been some person who wasn’t happy with justice.

He picked ten people who were beyond the reach of law. He killed them and disappeared from the island. But it also could have been someone on the island.     They also have some evidence from the diaries kept on the island by Vera, Emily Brent and some notes by Wargrave and Blore. The death happened in this order: Marston, Mrs. Rogers, Miss Brent, Wargrave.

Blore then has a note “Armstrong disappeared.” Legge thinks Armstrong killed the others and tried to swim out and drowned. But Maine tells him that Armstrong’s body was dragged above the high water line. Then the people left were Vera, Blore and Lombard. Another piece of evidence that was found, was the revolver was found in Wargrave’s room with fingerprints on it. Then it seems like Vera could have pushed the statue on Blore, shot Lombard and hung herself.

But there is one problem with this theory: the chair wasn’t found kicked over. It was neatly put against the wall. So someone must have replaced the chair after Vera’s death. It seems like there must have been someone else on the island.

But the Sticklehaven people are sure that no one could’ve left the island before the rescue boat came. So they have no idea who committed the murders.  Manuscript    This letter was sent to Scotland Yard by the master of the Emma Jane, fishing trawler. The writer says that he has been a mass of contradictions since his youth. He has always had a romantic imagination and always was throwing a bottle into the sea with an important note. The confession of the murder has been put in a bottle and thrown out to sea. He has also always taken a sadistic delight with seeing or causing death, as well as a strong sense of justice. He hates the idea that an innocent person or creature should suffer – he has always “felt strongly that right should prevail.

” All these characteristics of himself, led him to enter the legal profession. Crime and punishment has always fascinated him and he loves reading detective novels. He also loves to see a criminal in court, and when they get sentenced to death.

He has never sentenced an innocent person, and has always told the jury that there was no case in such situations. He has a reputation as a hanging judge but he says he has only ever drawn the jury’s attention to the actual evidence of a case and kept them away from emotional judgments. For some years he has felt that he wanted to act rather than judge. He wanted to commit a murder himself, something theatrical and impossible. But he was restrained by the sense that the innocent should not suffer.        Then one day he was talking to a doctor who mentioned how often murders must be committed that the law is unable to touch. The doctor then told the letter writer about the case of Mr.

and Mrs. Rogers. The doctor believed that they had kept medicine from the old woman in their care, but he had no way of proving it. Wargrave then realized that this was his opportunity to commit the perfect murder. He wanted to commit a big murder! Then a rhyme from his childhood came to mind. It was about ten little soldier boys, and then he began collecting his victims. He found eight people Mr.

Rogers, Mrs Rogers, Armstrong, General Macarthur, Marston, Miss Brent, Blore, and Lombard. Then he ran into a man named Hugo Hamilton while crossing the Atlantic. Hugo was drunk and told him about a woman who took a kid out to sea and let him drown.

Hugo knew the moment he looked at her that she had done it. What she didn’t realize was that Hugo, whom she had loved, had loved the kid. And then he found Vera for his ninth victim. Morris was his tenth victim after he found out that Morris was a dope peddler who had gotten one of Wargrave’s friend’s daughters to take drugs.

The girl then committed suicide at 21.        Wargrave didn’t continue his plan for a long time, but he finally decided to proceed when he learned from a doctor that he was ill and would die soon. He wanted to die in a blaze of excitement! He used Morris to get the island and create believable invitations for each of the victims. It eventually worked, on August 8th all of the guest arrived. To take care of Morris, Wargrave gave him a pill, which he said was for indigestion, and he later died. Wargrave chose the order of his victims carefully, because he knew what he wanted and he wanted the one with the most guilt to suffer the longest. He believed that Marston had no conscience or responsibility.

Mrs. Rogers had been controlled by her husband. Marston used potassium cyanide, which you can use to kill wasps. During Wargrave’s sickness, he had been prescribed Chloral Hydrate which he kept until he had a lethal amount. He slipped it into Mrs. Rogers’ purse. Macarthur did not hear Wargrave sneak up behind him and his death was quite painless.

Wargrave knew that he all he needed was an ally to complete the rest of his murders. He chose Armstrong because he knew Armstrong was a easy man to fool. Armstrong suspected Lombard, and Wargrave pretended to agree with him, because he has a plan to make the murder involve himself.

On the morning of August 10th Wargrave killed Rogers while he was chopping sticks for the fire.  While they were looking for Rogers, Wargrave slipped into Lombard’s room and stole his revolver. At breakfast he slipped the last bit of chloral into Miss Brent’s coffee. Then while everyone left the room he injected her with cyanide and brought the bumblebee into the room to fit the nursery rhyme. Wargrave convinced Armstrong that he needs to be the last one dead, so Armstrong gives everyone fake news that Wargrave died. Wargrave then pushed Armstrong off the cliff later that night after he fully manipulated him, and then returned to his room before they could find anyone walking around the house in the night.

Wargrave also says, that he forgot to return the revolver to Lombards room.He knew that the three people would now be terrified of each other and one of them would have a revolver. When Blore came up to the house, Wargrave pushed the marble clock onto him. Then he watched Vera shoot Lombard from the kitchen.

Wargrave was hoping Vera would now fall into the trap in her room from her own guilt. He was right, because next, Vera went to her room and hung herself, while Wargrave watched from behind.     He didn’t want anyone to find out, but now he does want people to recognize his smarts. He believes that the mystery will remain unsolved but there are three clues. 1. The police know that Edward Seton was guilty and out of the ten people, only one is innocent. 2. From the rhyme they know that Armstrong’s death was a “red herring” so at this moment there must have been something strange going on.

3. A symbolic reason,the mark of Cain on Wargrave’s head. After throwing the letter into sea, Wargrave will go up to his room and attach an elastic cord to his glasses, he will lay on his glasses and will loop the cord around the door handle and attach it to the revolver.

His hand, protected by a handkerchief, will press the trigger and the revolver will recoil to the door having been pulled by the elastic cord. The elastic will just hang down from the glasses and the handkerchief will rest on the ground. It will look as if he were shot through the head.

When the sea goes down they will find ten dead bodies and an unsolved mystery on Soldier Island. He signs the letter,                             Lawrence Wargrave.

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