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People never really examine how their social environments have a deep influence on their social life, the way they act and go. The way certain things are placed and where certain boutiques or restaurants are located can trigger certain attitudes and behaviors. However, many of us do not deeply look into our social environment, and if we did it will be very surprising to realize how influences our ways of thinking, living and relating to others can vary. My residential place will be look at closely to find patterns that otherwise I would not have noticed.

Most people are not aware that their social surrounding usually shapes the behavior, attitude, ways of thinking and relating to others. The built environment around us has a big influence on how society thinks. How everything is built and placed can manipulate how people act. For example, if your residential place is not clean or well maintained, it can put you in a bad mood as a well maintained residence can put someone in a good mood. Where you live can shape your behavior and even your health.

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The designed space expresses a culture, for instance houses are meant for implies due to its design (2 driveways, multiple windows in the front which can be seen as welcoming). My residential space consists of multiple high rise buildings, a plaza filled with businesses, bus stops, parks and so on. All of the high rise buildings have an average of 22 floors, which is a lot of people going in and out of the building every day to go to work, run errands, socialize and so on.

Every building has a parking spot for the residents and for visitors; the parking for visitors is very visible, and large which is welcoming to the many visitors who come each day. In front of my building there is a huge green field where residents go to play with their dogs. It represents freedom for the dog walkers, as they can throw objects for their dog to go after, and it is a great place to meet others who live in the same building.

It is very well maintained, while observing one can notice that dog walkers are prone to talking to other dog walkers as they have a common dominator. There are trees in front of the green fields which can be seen as a barrier to the “real world” that is outside of the trees, as there are roads and buses on the other side of the trees. When you come out of the building there is a space where cars can wait to pick up someone, as you exit the building you have be to be careful of cars coming in as there is a garage right there.

It causes of sense of fear, but at the same time it keeps you cautious and on your feet as you do not want to be in an accident with a car. As you keep walking away from the building there is a short cut that was made by the residents on the grass beside the side walk, it is a little pathway on the grass where everybody walks to access a little shortcut to the bus Stop r to the building right beside it. It creates a sense of ownership of the area, as people do as they please.

It is also a great way of running into neighbors and to talk to them. My residential area has a plaza that includes many different businesses such as Tim Horror’s, a bank, hair salon, convenience store, dry cleaners and a travel agency. It can be analyzed that this residential space is convenient for families, and senior citizens. The space is designed for middle class families as it is not a wealthy neighborhood; people are still living well but are not rich.

Tim Horror’s is usually located in a middle class neighborhoods due its reasonable prices, however if it a Cataracts was situated in the plaza, it would not do so well because people will not be willing to pay almost double the price on a coffee. Usually people stand and socialize outside the Tim Horror’s where there is a railing and talk to each other when it is nice outside. It is about enjoying the small things, such as drinking coffee and talking to friends after a long day or week of work, because there is always a sense of rush that people get into, always going places to take care of business.

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