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Thus you see, an HER manager works in a varied environment. He can only do his duties well if he is updated with the changing needs of the employees. And for this he naturally has to keep himself abreast with not only the environment in which the organization exists, but of the environment from which the employees are coming to work.

Here, let’s take few Of the environmental factors which have significant impact on the organization.The term ‘environment’ here refers to the “totality of all factors while influence both the organization and personnel sub-system” External Factors influencing the Personnel Function: * Technological Factors * Economic Challenges * Political Factors * Social Factors * Local and Governmental Issues Unions Employers’ Demands * Workforce Diversity * Internal Factors influencing the Personnel Function: * Mission * policies * Organizational Culture * Organization Structure HER System Each of the external factors separately or in combination can influence the HER function any organization.The job of a HER manager is to balance the demands and expectations the external groups with the internal requirements and achieve the assigned goals in inefficient and effective manner.

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Likewise, the internal environment also affects the job of a HER manager. The functional areas, structural changes, specific cultural issues peculiar to a unit, HER systems, corporate policies and a lot of other factors influence the way the HER function IS carried out The HER manager has to work closely with these constituent parts, understand the internal dynamics properly and devise ways and means to survived progress.In addition to these, the personnel man has to grapple with the problem of workforce diversity.

All these factors individually or in combination pose challenges to HARM practices philosophy. The challenges are: * Going Global Embracing new technology * Developing human capital * Responding to the Market * Containing Costs * Increasing Productivity * Managing Changes To manage change, thus all managers need to have a vision-?strategic, have punctiliousness’s with all the employees, set clear expectations for perform menace endeavored capability.Thus all managers are facilitators in terms of managing change. So we find that the role of HER management is ever increasing. It has taken up the important role of * Boosting productivity * More responsive and innovative * More integrated In today’s world it is a must to be integrated in the system to survive.

The gist is that HARM will have to be more strategic in nature that is visioning, planning and organizing away ahead of times.It has to be more pro-active. HER is today heavily involved in the execution of most firms’ downsizing and restructuring strategies, through outpacing employees, instituting pay-for- performance plans, reducing health care costs, and retraining employees. And in an increasingly competitive global marketplace, instituting HER practices that build employee commitment can help improve a firm’s responsiveness.

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