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Change Management has many component aspects which are implanted individually or group of some aspects. The basic theme of change management is to achieve a desired position of the organization from its current scenario and this is the transformation which can be achieved through the process of change management. Organization can implement changes in its mission, strategy or operations. Change can be a technological advancement or transition and it can be a change in the behavior and attitude of the Organizational members.

As it”s very apparent reality that business requirements are being changed due to change in the customer”s taste, priorities and their behavior towards the service provider. The main reason which has brought about this change is the common use of Informational Technology which causes awareness in customers and a diversified knowledge about the services/ products. This cause also gave the birth to enhanced competitions because imitators are Judging their customers or prospective customer”s behavior.

On the other hand some approaches elaborate that behavior and mental ability of men and women differs but other approach elaborate that due to provision of equal opportunities and resources both gender have equal caliber and qualification. Within management hierarchy men are considered as “effective” managers of change, whereas women are considered an “affective” support function for this change (Tyler, 2005) .

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Strategic change initiatives in the organization also reveal the interests of the individual employees or teams in the relevant implemented Change Management Process. In vertical organizational structure the concept of change management is discussed very critically and sometimes with criticism because they are based on the traditional concept of strict hierarchy of management they discuss the technical issues and traditional view that”s why the perception of the top level management is mostly rational and objective about change management.

Employees” commitment with HER practices has a positive relation with the telethon adoption by the organization (Marti ‘ NZ-As niche, Pee’ raze-Pee raze, Vela-Jimmie• NZ, & De-Luis-Carrier, 2008). This is the reason that performance of such firms is improved with the implementation of telethon which increases the internal numeric flexibility but decreases the external numerical flexibility.

Change management also affects the individuals” identities specially those ones who have some expectation with their organization and their expectations are met or not with that level of their expectation. If such change brings their expectations to be fulfilled then everyone will promote and support the implemented change and vice versa. This research paper is Dates on tense erects AT ten change Management Ana wall test ten coalescence AT employee”s skills, capabilities, their communication and attitude and their behavior in the process of change management on the banking sector. . 1 Hypothesis of the Study The following hypotheses have been designing for the research work to be carried out effectively: HO: There is no relation of integrated variables with change management HI : There is a significant relationship between skills with change management 5 H2O: There is a significant relationship between capabilities with change management HE: There is a significant relationship between communication with change management

HE: There is a significant relationship between attitude with change management HE: There is a significant relationship between positioning with change management HE: There is a significant relationship between behavior with change management 2. 0 LITERATURE REVIEW Ceramicists and Smithson (1996) analyzed that with the increasing level of information technology (IT) investments and information system (IS) within the organization, evaluation is becoming very important activity.

The study found evaluation impotent at levels of operations, monitoring and control, allocation of equines resources, business plans and strategy but it is often ignored or carried out ineffectively because of its complex nature. They also described a interpretative framework for the analysis of IS evaluation activities, based on the ideas of content, context and process. Oakum’s and Huntington (1998) found that management of change is essential for every organization especially for hotel business.

The researchers stated that Lenin”s three-stage model has a limited use so they proposed a five-stage model that focus continuous and permanent change that effect the decision making process and a do decision help to implement the change management in hotel business. Provable (1998) found that the developing and transition economy countries need to understand new methods and find out new ways to solve their problems, promote Project Management (PM) in their countries and they need to adopt new conditions of PM.

The researcher proposed to initiate integrative PM function-change management based on his analysis in Russia and other unstable countries. AY-Seedier (2001) stated that construction industries in Saudi Arabia are facing many problems due to fall in oil prices, because of these construction industries are under competitive pressure to in line with the market demand and government policies. The researcher proposed to analyze the affairs and economic realities and developed a Change Management Model that is suitable for construction companies.

Belong and Jenkins (2003) found that in order to enhance our perception on change management we should consider it as knowledge generation process and the organization”s members need to adopt new tacit knowledge to interact with each other and with external stakeholders to transform their organization. The study also analyzed that the knowledge generation also became a source of cultural and tragically changes. Chubbier (2006) conducted a research on transition economies and found that these economies are facing the problem of theory and practice.

To solve this problem the researcher proposed a transition process and design for a successful transition and suggested that before implementation various models should be tested to reduce the influence of markets, institutions, economic and other social factors. Broadband Memoriam (2008) used a storytelling approach to determine the managerial impact on change processes. The researcher found that the higher management can face various problems in implementing a change if middle management is not included in this decision and sometime this resistance prove as an obstacle for an optimistic implementation.

The researcher proposed that it”s not enough to communicate the change but is essential to Justify the purpose of this change. Kink, Sterile and Schroeder (2008) found that in order to achieve desired results, organizations need to find out causes of failure and then determine basic success factors that contribute to the organizational changes. The researcher described that a change management theory should be used and tested in every research project and participatory and deleteriousness approach should be applied to determine and remove deficiencies.

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