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The case “Women board directors: championing the tough issues” describes five different cases regarding with how women board member raise the tough issues and how to deal with it. The situation and the issues are different with each other but the main storyline goes similarly. A minority group which usually one woman individual found out an internal problem from the company and struggling with pushing the resolution but most of other board members were feeling reluctant or disagree with her opinions.Moreover, in some of the case such as “CEO compensation” and “CEO reference”, the “minority group” also have to face some office political issues. For example, Both Jane and Sandra were dealing with the “misplaced loyalty’ from their colleagues when the issues are matters with their CEO. The situations keep varied. In case of that, the purpose of this paper is to analyze the different situation in these cases and give a brief evaluation on the importance of difficult questions and challenging issues raising in decision-making team.

Moreover, some Asia culture elements can be involved in comparing with American business. Admittedly, an environment with cooperation, trust and collegiality is extremely important to a board of a company. However, regarding with a board, which is usually also a most important decision-making board, it has a large down-side when making a bad decision.

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As the case described at the beginning, lots of big company suffered loose due to the “group think”. Thus, a culture that not blindly agree with others need to be created and challenging issues should be raised for the board.However, how to push the issue throughout the team is extremely tough.

As all of the case illustrated, most of board member will disagree or ignore them. The reasons are always various. In the case ” CEO management style”, colleagues realized the issue but were more focusing on the high performance of CEO and feel reluctant to push it. The proper measures should be done as Joanne did, is to communicate with others to emphasize the importance and keep pushing it, it will not trigger a lot of opposition by effective communication in this situation, which is similar to the case “Board chair bullying”.All Anne did is to communicate with her CEO with very good strategy to make him approach the problem. And the outcomes are effective in these two case. However, in the case “CEO compensation” and “CEO performance”, some office political issues appears such as the network of the CEO, making the tough issue becoming even harder to approach.

In this situation, a wise strategy is far more important than simply insist the “right” one. Because the reason why others opposite the solution is not they did not realize but they do not want to oppose their CEO.Organizations would try their best to avoid such situation happens since the “group think” is always normally happen in these scenarios. People are afraid of opposing the ideas that leaders raised and they Just blindly agree without thinking. Moreover, comparing with American company, it is far tougher for Asian people to be the “tough issue champion”.

With the culture difference, Asian people are more likely to obey and implement but not oppose others. Moreover, it is easier to mix business issue into personal issue when normally disputing business.This is to say, Asian people cough issue raised, it is more likely to affect personal relationship than American people. In addition, the culture of “FACE” plays an extremely important role in this situation, especially for leaders. Leaders would feel more angry if their subordinates oppose their ideas in a public occasion, since they may feel it will affect their leadership effectiveness and authority. In case of that, for my opinion, the meetings to discuss tough issue biblically are less effective in Asian culture organizations.

Instead, private communication like one to one talk will be more efficient.

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