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Certified translation services are critical to economies all over the world, as well as the global economy. These services are used in industrial manufacturing, marketing, logistics and by civilians and governments as well. It allows for effective and clear communication, which helps to form and strengthen relationships.The life science industry has a heavy reliance on certified translation services, as accurate medical records, doctors reports, prescription information and medical reports are important. Pharmaceutical businesses can expand themselves internationally, by converting all necessary items to the corresponding language, of the country they want to expand in.In the global trading economy, the finance and banking sectors, have a heavy reliance on certified translation services. Accurate translation of financial analyst reports, loan agreements and financial documents, along with forms which pertain to transactions, help clients to navigate themselves by understanding the legalities and conditions involved. In recent years, the information and communication technology industry, has been growing at a rapid pace. Certified translation services, in conjunction with technical expertise, is essential with, the amount of troubleshooting, and technical issues which can arise, along with the need to have a strong customer support service base.The travel and tourism industry, relies heavily on accurate certified translation services. Tourists rely on properly translated languages, to travel to monuments, iconic locations and places of accommodation. Travel guides with proper verbal language skills, are also often used to give tourists a more immersive experience. Brochures and leaflets are commonly handed out to tourists as well, all of which require translation.Certified translation services, are used by websites that act as platforms to sell goods and services. These translation services, aid in increasing exposure to consumers and improving credibility, to the consumer. Organisations behind ecommerce websites seek to drive up the traffic to their site, by creating content which is clear, easy to understand and is engaging. Certified translation services help to give websites a global exposure, by making websites available in several languages, and thus help to increase the conversion rate. The government, along with individuals within a country, require certified translations services for issues regarding citizenship and immigration status. This is important to ensure smooth passage between checkpoints, and entry and re-entry into certain different jurisdictions. Other common uses for non-industry related translation services would be passport renewals, visa renewals, and driver’s license renewals and conversions.

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