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Censhorship Corruption of Our Children How does censorship influence the children of our society today Censorship can be defined as the suppression of ideas and information that individuals, groups, or government officials find objectionable. These certain groups have the right to cut or edit certain scenes with issues that could influence our society or young children in a wrongful manner. Censorship battles constantly between organizations. A movie that caused much controversy on the issue of censorship was Menace II Society. This 1993 film, directed by the Hughes brothers, raises many questions about the limitations on the film industry. Menace II Society is mainly about young African-American men and their everyday life in project homes. This Los Angeles based story is told by one boy, Caine.

Throughout the movie, Caine shows the audience the circumstances that he was born into and the life that he has lived. As a young child, Caine witnessed his father murder a man in their home. Caine continually watched his parents abuse drugs.

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His mother died of an over-dose and his father was a victim of a drug deal. Caine felt that the lifestyle he led was children, censorship, movie, society, parents, language, drug, young, today, obscene, movies, drugs, caine, violence, films, believe, youth, should, one, issues, gore, film, available, although, way, using, type, therefore, shows, same, problem, positive, out, messages, message

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