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Group Members: Rafael Gonzalez, Giovanni Living Benchmark: SC. 91 2. SC. L. 18. 9 Understand the interrelationship of photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Problem Statement: Does Exercise let you Breath more CA? Intro: Cellular respiration allows organisms to use energy stored. The materials produced are carbon dioxide and water. The body has stored away from the foods we eat in the form of glycogen, for the energy required to contract muscles movement. Lactic acid fermentation is glucose and sugars. The more energy we use the more CA we exhale. The Brotherly blue and green when Presence ND the more CA you use the color changes.

Hypothesis: I believe in this experiment the more you exercise then the more CA we exhale from our bodies. Material: 2 test tubes Water Brotherly Blue Straw Graduated Cylinder Marking Pencil Procedures: Pick a Lab partner Label 2 test tubes, one A and one B Add 10 ml of water to each test tube using a graduated cylinder Add 8-12 drops of Brotherly Blue to each tube One of the pair will gently blow on the solution in the test tube A while using the other partner times it. When the solution changes color the one timing it will “stop” and you will record your data in a table.

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