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Q-How you accept project? Medium? -online picking -customer directly contact you? Ans- Client sends the Request to the Head Office, according to the requirenment of Client project manager is assigned and respective team is located whether in any city. Clients contact to all of his resources. No Client physically visit to the Software house. Q- Do you offer friendly working environment to stress out the workers? Ans- yes, They provide indoor games and parties and provide time flexibility during working hours. Q- Are projects that you take are contract based? cost contract, product delivery ontract)? Ans- In product delivery contract Cost is also mentioned. Q- Scope of Web development or Programming? Ur importance/specialty? Ans- They have less members in programming section as compared to development section. But they said that both are equally important in the field. Q- which coding language is preferred? Ans- a project is not dependent on any language rather dependent on logics of the programmer. But if the client specifies a particular language then the product is made accordingly. Q- Your Proud Product?

New York Times and Subway site maintenance. Q- Sell source code or not? Ans- Yes Q- Do you maintain different websites that are actually not developed by you? Their database management? Or you Jxt develop new products? Ans- Yes, example is Subway. Q- Do you assign time for completion of every single module to programmer or you assign amount of work with flexibility of time? Ans- amout of work is assigned by team leader to project member and team leader take a close check on it. -booklets -user guide -“how to use” file along with software?

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Ans- if the user is completely naive then booklets and wizards are provided and if emanded by the client how to use guide is provided but mostly the clients are themselves capable of understanding the system. Q- which software model you Adopt and y? Ans- Agile model is used because there is updation in every week according to requirements and the client remains constantly in touch with the team and resources. Q- Following this model, product passes through which gradual development stages of product life cycle? Ans- in Agile Model first phase is specification and requirement gathering designing. mplementation Q- Model implementation practices? Why other follows trend & use AGILE model? Ans- Modules give regular output. Q- Your requirement gathering process? your business analysts visit themselves or there is other way? Ans- there is almost entirely online. Q- How do you propose Amendments to requirements for user to decide? Q- Procedure and system followed by your business analysts? Q- Verification/ validation (requirement refinement) is automatic or manual? Ans- automatic. Q- How do you provide the high level interaction of components(Architectural design)? department for this work as well.

Ans- there is a separate team and Q- Do you develop prototypes & provide it to customer as running sys? Ans- Yes. Q- Project divided into units? Pipeline delay occurs? How u handle it? Ans- yes it is developed. But no pipeline delays occur because it is the duty of the project manager to check the work of his team members. Q- Prototype testing? Any specific dept. for it? Integrated testing? Q- Do you have any Coding Standards? follow the coding standards strictly. Q- Unit testing? – Black box -White box Ans- yes they Ans- yes, both type of testing is done depending on the project requirements. ither he QA takes the owner ship for testing or the developer himself tests the code Q- your QA dept uses test automation? Which approach is used for T. A -Code driven -Graphical user interface Ans- cant tell you the QA members can guide you better in this regard. 32- Which is more important -Product integrity -process integrity Ans- Product integrity 33- For removing redundancy in code which program code Analyzer you use? Ans- FXcop is the software that they use for removing redundancy if it occurs. Q- Redundancy removing tools depends on what factors?

Different components have diff. ools -Pathvu Expedia -Q/Auditor -ViaRecap Ans- ZenStudio and Eclipse are the softwares they use for this purpose. Q- Do u design code for particular environments or make it Portable? Ans-to make it poratable they provide wixard otherwise source code is given. But it again depends on the requirements provided in the contract. Q- how do you represent Operational Specifications? -Flowcharts Ans- DFD -ERD Q- How do u assure safe usage of software? Ans-threats are removed before deployment and safe usage is ensured. 39- Do you Apply safety building blocks? Availability checks -Integrity User authentication -Authorization -Confidentiality Ans- yes they apply integrity and confidentiality are product dependent. Ans- yes, through XSS Class Side Scripting Q- Deployment? -Wizard -Manually Ans-Both. depends on Client Requirement Q- How do u do Risk Analysis? Ans -technical -program based. Technology risk analysis 43- which Bug tracking sys u use? Local B Trackers -Distributed B. T -BTS as a part of integrated proJct managmnt sys Ans-RedMine bug tracking system is used. QA dept is usually concered with this Job. Q- How do u measure ur ProJct progress? Cost of Project?

Ans- through weekly review of how much percentage you have covered. Q- Do you prefer – informal reuse or -Entire new? Ans-lf domain of product is same then code is reused Q- To reuse a part which approach u use? Or what u aspect to have additional? Ans- modular approach is used. Q- Your Registration Process? Reg. from PITS? Ans- yes is registered from the PITB as well as from EOBI. Q- Hardware development? Hardware intelligence? Lab? Ans- yes there is a robotics development lab in Lahore. Q- Do you write drivers for different hardware devices? E. g keyboard that is not h. i. d based (human interface device) Ans- yes.

Q- Language used for hardware? Platform Linux or Windows? Ans-usually . net Q- Fully Embedded(has itx own O. S lyk CD player) or partially embedded software used for hardware? Ans-they didn’t give a clear answer. Q- hardware lab in Multan? What type of projects on hardware Can you brief? Ans-no Q- Team structure? Solo team? Ans- both are practiced. Ans- through Backup plan Q- Team lead mishaps then who takes the responsibility? Ans- the entire team is responsible for the success as well as the failure of a project. Q- who takes the responsibility in team when project release gets failed?

Ans- no ailure occur if it seems a dead end then resources spend extra time. Q- if 1 resource of team is not working properly how you manage? Ans- the team lead sends a notice to the resource. Q- Performance review? By whom? Annual increments? Or bi-annual? Ans-Yes, quarterly performance reviews are conducted. Managers evaluation is carried out and annually increments are applied. Q- Recourse or team appreciation? Reward? Ans- yes it happens , appreciation of team and award ceremonies take place Q- Extracurricular activities in Company? Ans- yes, like table tennis, mango parties video games etc.

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