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Even though nationalism is a big part of what caused VIII, the Treaty of Ever allies, the Great Depression, and Hitter’s appetite for power are all main causes of WI. Hughes One cause of WI is, how Italy was, for the most part, left out of the Treaty of Versailles. Although 460,000 Italians were slaughtered in WWW, Vitriol Orlando (Italian Prime Minister during WWW) was completely ignored at Versailles. Also, Italy received no land, previously promised to them at the Secret Treaty Of London.

According to Article 7 of the treaty: “If Italy is accorded Tries and Austria under Article 4, Dalmatian and the Adriatic isles within the borders determined in Article 5 and the Bay of Evolve (Article 6), and if the central part of Albania is preserved for the reaction of a small neutralized autonomous State, Italy shall not oppose the division of the northern and southern parts of Albania – if France, Great Britain and Russia so wish – be;en Montenegro, Serbia and Greece. The coast from the southern border of the Italian possession of Evolve up to the cape of Styles shall be neutralized.

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Italy shall be instructed to represent Albania in its international relations. Italy is agreeable to this arrangement provided that a sufficiently large territory is left in the east of Albania in order to secure he common border to Greece and Serbia in the west of Lake Arid. ” The Secret Treaty of London was made to persuade Italy to ally with the Triple Entente, or triple alliance, however Italy did not benefit in navy from create nag an alliance with them. This causing them to ally with Germany in WI, helping the me advance through Europe. Modern Another cause for WI is the Great Depression, because during which is whew mass unemployment and poverty swept over the world especially in Germany and the United States.

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