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Causes for establishing a safer & cleaner environment Most people nowadays are starting to realize how important it is to preserve our environment. There are three “pieces” of our environment that we need to protect; the air, water, and land. They’re all very important and we, humans, could’ve survive without a balanced ecosystem. There are lots of simple things that everyone can partake in to help protect our environment. Air pollution is getting worse every minute, mostly coming from power plants and vehicles.

In order to preserve our precious environment then we must start to take actions that lead to cleaner air. For instance, planting a tree. It’s as simple as that. Anyone can go down to their local nursery, pick up a tree, and plant it in their backyard. Trees take in carbon dioxide and then, in return, put out oxygen which is what humans need to breath. We, as in humans, are very greedy when it comes to using water.

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Nobody ever thinks that there is a possibility that our water could run out eventually or it could all become polluted.It could be as easy as taking a shorter shower, repairing all the leaky faucets in the house, or never pouring chemical fertilizers down the drain or onto a garden. Sometimes communities get together to go clean up besides rivers and streams which is also a fantastic way to help save our sources of water. Farming is becoming more and more popular these days, both factory and family. Lots of people are wanting to become more self-sustained which is great but lots of them use chemical fertilizers and eroding the land.Chemical fertilizers are not only bad for the water but also for the soil. There are lots of natural ways to keep bugs off of plants or make then grow nice and healthy.

It might take a little longer to think out but it’s worth it. Farming usually involves vivisect and some people unknowingly, and maybe knowingly, “over-do” it. To many cows, sheep, or pigs on a small amount of land will eventually get muddy and eroded which could then cause run-off into nearest water source.Animals need to constantly be moved around to avoid issues. Landfills are becoming a huge issue, especially in America. They are built to last only 1 0 to 15 years so what’s going to happen when they fill up? We have to build more landfills.

Eventually we’re going to run out of room for them. Recycling takes items, such as plastic, paper, and aluminum, and makes new products with hat most people call “trash”. It’s probably the easiest thing to do when it comes to being environmentally friendly.

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