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The experiment was meant to create an artificial catalane reaction between the enzymes in the liver sample and hydrogen peroxide. The sample in test be 2 reacted with the hydrogen peroxide and produced oxygen bubbles at a somewhat steady pace, while the sample in test tube 3 reacted vigorously at first and then slowed down as most of the enzyme had been used up. 3. 2. Evaluation 3. 2. 1. Random Errors The liver was quite hard to get into perfect hack cubes, as it tended to get squished when the knife was pressed down, making the sample larger lengthwise, but smaller height-wise.

Also when the reaction was very rigorous, the oxygen bubbles sometimes lifted the liver out of the hydrogen peroxide, causing it to stop reacting with the hydrogen peroxide. While not a major issue, sometimes the time at which the results were checked were not exactly at the designated 30 second intervals, due to many things going on at once. 3. 2. 2. Systematic Errors The ruler we were using was quite old and dirty, with some of the finer millimeter markings rubbed off or obscured, leading to readings that were not as accurate as they could have been.

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The molarities of the chemicals used can also be put into question. 3. 3. Improvements The liver could be frozen or in some other way petrified to make the cutting easier and more precise. The liver should be checked constantly and adjusted back down with a glass rod if necessary. Enough time should be allocated to ensure that the experiment can be done in a calm and orderly fashion to avoid any oversights in the time taking. Clean and clear rulers should be used to measure the bubbles. The molarities of the chemicals should be checked with titration or some other form of double checking the molarities.

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