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Case Study – Creating a

is it best to have six or less life-cycle phases in an EPM system?

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The President of the
Company John Compton, put forth his views in a meeting regarding the need for
the Project Management Methodology and its impact in gaining the contracts
which would enable them to get back into the competitive market.

Enterprise Project
Management Methodology which can be abbreviated as EPM, takes into
consideration the impacts of the direct vs indirect decisions made in the
progress of the entire project. It would be ideal in the case of large projects
as the EPM breaks the complex projects into smaller parts that would be taken
up in a sequential format to accomplish the target and yield the desired
results. Analysis of risks, transformation of the size of the projects,
reviewing the performance of the resources, reporting on a continuous basis and
analyzing the use of the tools that would be used in the course of the project.
 (Collins, 2016).

The Consultant who had
visited this company had clearly explained to the employees the advantages that
would be gained using the Project Management and how the Enterprise Project
Management Methodology would add value in the achieving the goals. The
consequence of the three-hour session ended up with the formation of PMO who
decided to come up with a five-step process. The first step of the process
focused on the number of the life cycle phases that should be associated with
the project. An effective Enterprise Project Management Methodology   would be limited to no more than six life
cycle phases, the main reason is gate review meetings are directly proportional
to the number of life cycle phases. To explain this better, if there are more
number of life cycle phases, each life cycle phase would have a gate review
meeting and each of this meeting involves a lot of documentation which would
kill most of the time of the Project Managers who had rather focused on other
activities concerning the project would better enhance the progress.
Considering the time as a major constraint, the number of life cycle phases in
the EPM system was set to a maximum of six. 
(Kerzner, 11th Edition)


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