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A Perky Way to Productivity 1 . Many businesses today are using benefit packages in creative ways as strategic tools to stay competitive in the recruiting market. Human resource departments must constantly be reimagining their approach to developing a benefits program that will attract, motivate, and retain the best employees. (Decenzo, 293) Both Zappos and Genentech human resource departments have went to great lengths to make their employee’s experience with each respective company, feel more like a family rather than a cold work environment.

Both companies offer great benefits that are not nlike many other large companies; such as, health care, paid time off, and retirement plans. For many prospective Job candidates these are a prerequisite when they are looking for a new Job. Although, the most qualified applicants will be looking for a more attractive benefits package. Many candidates are looking for things that may help them balance their work and personal lives, or simply the perks that other companies can’t or don’t offer. So, both Zappos and Genentech are thinking outside of the box to provide benefits that will attract the best prospective candidates.

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Another important aspect of a benefits package is keeping the current employees motivated to continue to produce at a high level. Their human resource departments are also working to make sure that they are in tune with what keeps their employees interested in the organization. They also know that 41% of employees have no loyalty to their employers so they have developed plans that show gratitude and respect toward their employees to help retain the good employees that they already have. (Decenzo, 309) 2.

Zappos and Genentech are among many companies that are using non-traditional enefits packages and perks to keep their employees motivated. Zappos is a company that must staff more unskilled workers than Genentech so they in turn have tailored their benefits and perks to match that demographic. Zappos offers benefits that many companies do not offer such as; massage chairs, cab vouchers, nap room, pet insurance, discounts at local and online retailers. Some of these benefits include; an onsite fitness center, wellness programs, health screening, fitness challenges, free healthy food choices and life coaching. Zappos. com, 2013) Zappos is working with he theory that a healthy mind and body makes for a more motivated, loyal and less stressed employee and in doing so they have been able to maintain a lower than average turnover rate. Genentech is a drug company that hires more professional skilled workers so they have adjusted their benefits package to fit the needs of the employees and their families. In addition to their above standard health care and life insurance benefits Genentech also provides free membership to a health club, onsite child care, and private nursing rooms for mothers. gene. com, 2013) These benefits focus on keeping the mind, body and family healthy and happy. They have also added other perks to keep the employees happy, motivated and loyal; things such as haircuts, weekly car washes, travel and personal concierge services, onsite cafeteria, and a paid sabbatical every six years. (gene. com, 2013) All these things, while not higher retention rate, ultimately saving the company money. 3. Zappos and Genentech have used innovative methods to attract, motivate, and retain employees with great success.

This progressive method of enhancing the employees’ benefits to combat low employee morale and a high turnover rate could be adopted by other ajor organizations. If an organization is able to successfully institute positive changes to their benefits packages; in theory they should follow the same trend as Zappos and Genetech but the plan can be tricky and costly. In instituting a new plan the organization should first determine what their employees could benefit from and the best way to do this may be to simply ask them. The organization must also determine what they can and cannot afford to offer the employees.

Companies stand to actually save money by instituting some employee assistance programs or ellness programs, to the tune of $5 to $16 for every dollar invested. (Decenzo, 333) Even smaller businesses can use some of these methods to help motivate and retain employees. Although, a small business must be more selective in the benefits that they can offer. They must be selective based on two factors; cost of the benefits and finding a benefit that will please a majority of the staff. Also, having a smaller group of employees may not give the company a large discount when shopping for benefits that they want to provide their employees.

Employees are looking for added value in heir careers and to be shown respect for their hard work; so if a human resource department can find that perfect balance then it should have no trouble when recruiting and retaining employees. References Decenzo, D. (2009). Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (10th ed). John Wiley & Sons. Retrieved from http://devry. vitalsource. com/books/9781118090886/id/ Ll 2-2-2 http://www. gene. com/careers/benefits; “Outstanding Benefits Are Just the Beginning” Genentech Inc. ; retrieved 2013. http://about. zappos. com/]obs/why-work- zappos/our-benefits; “Why Work Here”; Zappos IP Inc. ; retrieved 2013.

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