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In this case study we look at how Matt faces a dilemma when his friend Stephanie Overcharge approaches him and asks for a favor, which matt thinks is certainly against his work ethics to do so but also he doesn’t want to jeopardize his friendship with Stephanie as well as he is simultaneously facing a financial crisis which Stephanie promises to solve.1) Matt certainly feels worried about this situation as he works for a rival company and helping Stephanie would certainly create a risk for his company to win the bid and it might face heavy loses. According to APES 1 10 Revised Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants which states that – ” The principle Of integrity imposes an obligation on all Members to be straightforward and honest in all professional and business relationships.Integrity also implies fair dealing and truthfulness. If Matt decides to evaluate Stephanie bid he would be violating the above stated law as he would not be completely truthful to his company and would indirectly give out firms confidential information.

2) I would advise Matt to not analyses Stephanie bid as it would be a crime ND he might have charges pressed against him, as also even if he tries to be really careful while doing that and change companies suddenly after Stephanie winning the bid would arise doubts.He might also lose his CPA verification if he was found guilty. In conclusion we see that by helping Stephanie out Matt will be violating the law, will be untruthful to his company and also might lose his job.

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I would suggest Matt to explain Stephanie as to why he can’t help her and as far as Mat’s financial situation is considered I would suggest him to take care of it in some other way and not to do something illegal.

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