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Capital punishment in the United States is a problem that cannot be ignored.

It is the legalized taking of another?s life, and not a good way to punish criminals. The death penalty has no place in an advanced society like the USA. It should be abolished. One can easily see that the death penalty is not a good solution to the crime problem within this county. ?Why, when we have bravely and nobly progressed so far in the recent past to create a decent, humane society, must we perpetuate the senseless barbarism of official murder (Fortas 8)? Among advanced nations, the United States remains the chief advocate for capital punishment (Clarck 315). Evidence against it shows that it is ineffective in deterring criminals from murder, and is cruel and unfair to the supposedly guilty. Not only is capital punishment and unfair form of justice to criminals, it is a much larger burden on taxpayers, who pay more money to have someone executed than a life sentence in prison.

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These arguments alone stand their ground in support of abolition of the death penalty. death, penalty, punishment, capital, people, one, justice, murder, criminals, being, been, way, society, system, life, killing, executed, spence, prison, must, innocent, against, taxpayers, states, should, illinois, believe, because, abolished, years, under, time, since, ryan, public, poor, person, percent, out, number, needs, human, form, fact, execution, cruel, crimes, cost, cases, back

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