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In these high tech times, it is not so difficult to find a solution: closed circuit television (CATV) cameras.

Till even a few months ago, this was an expensive proposition. NO longer. Purchase is easy, you can buy them Off the shelf or even online. Global companies such as Alba, Axis and Busch offer good professional options, and now there are domestic brands such as Zoom and Godard as well.How do you go about the process? Here are some easy tips: LOCATION You may want to cover every possible square inch of your home, but remember, not every location really NEEDS a camera. And there are private paces you should avoid! A camera door phone for your front door, and one or two indoors for, say, your child’s play area are sufficient. For the first, Alba rumen is an example.

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For the latter, a network camera from IT companies such as Idling, Fascia or Axis may be your solution. Speak to an expert to install this camera.FIXED OR MOVING Once you have zeroed in on the areas, the next big question is, what type of camera do you want? Broadly there are two types of cameras: fixed, and pan, tilt and zoom (OPT). There are sub-categories as well.

Fixed cameras can only face one direction – the one in which it is set up. If you want to change direction, it means having a go at it with some tools. If you want to change the location altogether, that means calling in the professional.

OPT cameras come with a motorized base, which can be programmed to ‘sweep’ an area.This it does by turning left and right alternately, like a table fan. It can also be remotely controlled to look somewhere specific and then zoom in. Fixed cameras are a good option for indoor use when you want to monitor specific sections.

OPT cameras are good for places like your building’s driveway, where you want to put just one camera but want a wider coverage.WIRED OR WIRELESS? For basic monitoring, wireless cameras work well, but bayou are looking at a security solution for an entire building, wired may be the better alternative.Most wireless CATV cameras work on the 2. GHz Wife frequency, but since this band is getting congested, we recommend you choose a camera that works on a GHz frequency. On the wired front, you get TTY. ‘0 types of cameras, the legacy analog type that takes a co-axial cable (the same cable that is used to connect your satellite dish to your set top box) or an ether net cable. Ethernet-based cameras are slightly more expensive than co-axial nest, but you can control and access them directly using your smartened.

Also, Ethernet cabling is easier installed.

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