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Calista HalimMrs. WiesingerHonors Sophomore English Period 724 January 2018Novel Review The Invisible Man, by H.G. Wells takes place in rural Sussex, England in the 1890s. This book primarily revolves around a medical student who figures out how to make himself invisible, which leads to him losing his sanity. It is snowing when the Invisible Man first arrives at the town of Iping. He is a very private guy, who doesn’t get along with any of the villagers and spends most of his time in a rented room at the inn working with chemicals to turn himself back into being visible. He wears a thick coat with gloves, a wide-brimmed hat and bandages over his face in order to communicate with the world. His secretiveness makes him the object of interest and many rumors start to form. In the meantime, a strange burglary occurs in the village. The Invisible Man has exhausted all of his money and is trying to find a way to pay for his lodging. His landlady orders that he has to pay his bill and leave the building; this results in the Invisible Man revealing part of his invisibility to her out of annoyance. The Invisible Man vanishes and leaves his scientific notes behind. He meets a homeless man named Marvel, who he thinks is a little foolish for anyone to believe him to help him out. Marvel is sent to recover three notebooks that consists of records of his experiments. However, Marvel tries to expose the Invisible Man to the police. In turn, the Invisible Man chases him to the town of Port Burdock, threatening to kill him. Marvel hides in a local inn to escape. The Invisible Man gets into a fight with everyone in the inn. In the process of breaking out; however, he got shot. The Invisible Man takes shelter inside a nearby house that happens to be owned by an old college friend named Dr. Kemp. To Kemp, the Invisible Man reveals his real identity. His real name is Griffin. He is used to be a medical student, but left medicine to dedicate himself to studying optics. He narrates on how he invented chemicals that were capable of turning humans invisible and out of desire carried out the experiment on himself. He ends up burning down the house and the equipment he used to turn invisible to cover his tracks. He stole clothing from a theatrical shop and moved to Iping to reverse his invisibility. Little does he know that Kemp has already denounced Griffin to the local authorities. Griffin fights his way out and the next day leaves a note disclosing that Kemp will be the first man he kills. Kemp attempts to organize a plan to use himself as bait to catch the Invisible Man, but the note gets stolen. Then, he joins forces with the police to capture the Invisible Man. Griffin hurts a policeman and is on the run. He winds up running into a mob who gangs up on him and kills him. But for the first time, we see the Invisible Man’s body start to become visible. The central theme for The Invisible Man is the idea of isolation. He has no friends or family, and tt seems like no matter where he is, he is isolated from the community. The Invisible Man is alone in Iping as he is in London. The Invisible Man is a scientist who is surrounded by people who don’t understand him. There were not that many sympathetic characters in this book. Most of the characters like Kemp, Marvel and The Invisible Man were violent or betrayed one another. In the end, the Invisible Man gets murdered. Griffin also known as the Invisible Man, could have gotten help from other people if he was not such a secretive guy. This book is relevant in modern society because it displays how people cannot always be trusted. Calista HalimMrs. WiesingerHonors Sophomore English Period 724 January 2018Critical Reading QuestionsWhy does H.G. Wells begin the story with Griffin’s arrival at the inn, Coach and Horses, rather than with Griffin uncovering how to make himself invisible?What are your thoughts on Griffin? Do you think he is a crazy scientist who deserves to be killed? Or do you agree that he is just trying to work things out to turn visible again?How do you feel when Griffin explains his own story to Kemp? Do you sympathize with him? Would your views changed if another source told Griffin’s story through their point of view?Why did Kemp and Griffin turn out to be so different? In the end, they are both scientists. Do you think that it is because Kemp has more money or he is less isolated than Griffin? Explain.What do you think about the thought of turning invisible? What would you do? Do you have a different perspective of science now?BOOK COVER DRAWINGCalista HalimMrs. WiesingerHonors Sophomore English Period 724 January 2018Book Jacket Explanation This new book cover would be appropriate for the novel because it represents who the Invisible Man is. I drew the Invisible Man with his bandages to show that he is seen as a person and he does interacts with the world. In the background of the drawing, I drew science related symbols such as, a chemical beaker and a DNA helix to represent his occupation. He use to be a medical student, but changed into studying invisibility. He keeps a notebook written in code with all his scientific notes, so no one can steal his work. To sum it up, this cover conveys the Invisible Man’s true personality.

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