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But in the short film 2081, everyone was forced to be just like everyone else, completely the same. No one would be better or less than anyone else, thanks to the “add ons” people were given to wear or attach to themselves from the United States Handicapper General. These attachments were made to prevent anyone from being able to pursue any talents or wanted achievements they had, and it worked. When the death of an incredibly gifted man occurs, everyone is shown that “it is better to live free than to die enslaved”. In both the film and the short story “2081” ,Harrison Bergeron is known for his impeccable strength and knowledge, and for this reason, Harrison was taken away from his family and home to be held captive where he could not do any “harm” to anyone or anything. When Harrison escapes from being held captive, he ends up in a theatre where a dance performance is being held. He makes his way onto the stage and begins to shout orders at the crowd. In the film Harrison had planted a decoy bomb underneath the stage before hand. Harrison ordered the orchestra to play music for himself and one of the dancers who had volunteered to dance with him. The two began to dance a ballet duet. After an extended amount of time, the United States Handicapper General finally found where Harrison was and made there way into the theatre. While the performance and everything else that had happened had been broadcasted on television, Harrison was shot. Which everyone that was watching on television and in person was able to see, including Harrison’s father.    In the film Harrison’s mother got up to finish the dishes while his father stayed seated on the couch watching everything that had happened. When his mother returned to the living room where they were watching the broadcast, she had asked Harrison’s father what was wrong but he could not remember because his handicappers had erased any memory he had of what had happened on the broadcast or Harrison. In the short story “Harrison Bergeron”, it was Harrison’s father that got up from the couch to get something from the kitchen . While Harrison’s mother stayed seated on the couch in front of the television, she saw the entire ballet performance performed by Harrison and the dancer that had volunteered to dance with him and even saw when harrison was shot. After a few moments, Harrison’s father returned to his couch beside harrison’s mother and asked what he missed on the television. Harrison’s mother replied with,”I do not recall but it was something very sad”. Both the film and the short story were very alike, the only differences were that in the film harrison’s mother left the room and in the short story it was Harrison’s father who had left, the decoy bomb that were placed beneath the stage, and the age of harrison when he was taken away was different in the movie than it was in the short story.

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