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The main implications that Chevrolet have are that if one of the partners wants to back out of the business and take a share it may become complicated to manage who gets what. Also if the partnership breaks up one of the partners may want the business to themselves but so may the other partner, this may start complications that may need lawyers. The business purposes: The business purposes for Chevrolet are to become globally known around the world, to become the world’s leading car company and to sell more cars his year than any other year.Where Chevrolet operate: Chevrolet operate their business mainly in Salem and Michigan in the United States, they also operate in other areas of America, their also operate in parts of Europe such as England.

Chevrolet is based in the private sector of the economy and works for its own profits and benefits other than if it worked in the public or voluntary sector which works to benefit others. The purpose of the Coverlet’s business is for that business to become the eating car brand, they would like to make a 15% increase in their income compare to 2009.Chevrolet would also like to sell the most cars in comparison to other companies such as Sale, Audit and Lexus. Public sector RI: Public sector: For the public sector I have chosen Hull City Council, these are an organization that provides services such as joinery, brick layers, painters and many other work trades.

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The ownership: There are fifty nine councilors which are elected from twenty three different awards, each ward will return with either two or three councilors in the different departments of Hull City Council.

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