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A business can be organized as follows: Proprietorship: has a singly owner, known as proprietor, who manages the business; proprietorships tend to be small business or professional services, ouch as accountants, lawyer Partnership: joins two or more persons as co-owners, each owner is a partner and the partnership deal can be done, it is called a mutual, mutual Agency:Organization: this organization, owned by shareholders, these people who own shares in the organization, is a certificate representing ownership in a organization, the business is a organization, when the State approved the articles of incorporation, and the first stock share published article to the lines that have been approved by the administration of the State Corporation, unlike sole proprietorship and partnerships.

Public joint stock organization, limited liability organization offers limited liability to its owners and management.If want to be, that the organization can make the organization sells shares to investors, it is useful in attracting capital. Only limited liability organization can be listed on the Stock Exchange, and the character of their stocks has a suffix. So, British Petroleum PL and BP ticker. A private organization may issue shares and shareholders.But their shares are not on public exchanges and were not granted for the initial public offering. Voluntary organizations: It’s an organization with random or regular volunteer for exploitation and may or may not have paid employees. Voluntary organization is characterized by independence of the State; organize themselves through the unpaid Board membership; Membership that is not received or ordered; support for the charity’; are not for profit Cooperative Organization: Page 5 of 17 The organization owned, managed and operated by a group of users in their favor.

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Each Member must contribute capital and share in the control of the organization on the basis of the principle of one Member one vote. Charity:Embedded or included tax exempt; developed and used for charitable purposes ;uses its own funds for these charitable activities under its direct control; does not to distribute any part of the turnover is generated for each curator, trustier, Member, or any other individuals and does not associated with political organizations. The upper diagram shows Different stakeholders are engaged in an organization that have different objectives and needs which are served by the organization.Here as follows, a) Investors. Investors are concern regarding the risk of investments, interest and overall return. They need information to determine if he/she should buy, keep or sell.

The shareholders are interested about the stability and profitability of organization. Organizations provide information that makes them assess the dividends. B) Staff. Organization meets the employers’ expectations through salary, bonuses and ensures safe environment for the employers. C) Lenders.They are interested in the information for their Loans and trade credits. An organization paid them back as sale proceeds come from customers end. Page 6 of 17 d) Suppliers and other vendors, who are likewise interested in information to determine whether their supplies and trade credits safe or not.

An organization paid off to them for their supplies.E) Clients keep their eye on organization’s commitment, or market position. Organization ensures their interest through growth of business. F) Governments institutions, Organization help the government in the allocating the resources under country’s business regulation practices also by paying tax which are part of fundamental national income of the country.

Public, An organization help people to find employment thus help to develop local economy as well as the country. They also help to encourage local suppliers and information about the trend and overall productivity of the country. Objectives Responsibilities Of an Organization An Organization and various forms of responsibilities to the stakeholders and at the same time they take best effective strategies to meet stakeholders interest, conflict of expectation and towards satisfying their objectives.Different stakeholders have different priorities in case of organizational responsibilities which are as follows: Employees: Organization needs to ensure good working environment and roper payment.Shareholders: Organization responsibilities towards their shareholder are to make sure about their profit and dividend. Government and their Institution: Proper allocation of resources, employment solution, follow business regulation of the country, pay corporate tax on time etc are organization’s responsibility towards government and supporting institutions.

Customer: Ensuring best quality of goods and services at lowest possible price is an important responsibility of organization. Besides above responsibilities, every organization has been introduced with omen new concept of responsibilities which is known as Corporate and Social Responsibility (CARS). Can be subdivided into four criteria (John M.Bryon, 2009) Economic responsibility Legal responsibility Page 7 of 17 Ethical responsibility Discretionary responsibility Organization and strategies employed to meet stakeholder interests; conflict of expectations; satisfying stakeholder objectives: Stakeholder should also take part in organizational matters. Their analyses are undertaken as part of policy, plan or strategy change exercises; or organizational development efforts.Different analyses will be needed at different stages in these process In general, people should be involved if they have information that cannot be gained otherwise, or if their participation is necessary to assure successful implementation of initiatives built on the analyses (Thomas 1 993, 1995).

But it is important to decide regarding their limitations that is, who, what number of stakeholders, how, when they will participate.Five stakeholder identification and analysis techniques are particularly relevant to helping organize participation: A process for choosing stakeholder analysis participants; The basic stakeholder analysis technique; Power versus interest grids; Stakeholder influence diagrams; and The participation planning matrix. (Thomas 1993, 1995).

Page 8 of 17 Understand the nature of the national environment in which businesses operate 2. 1 Explain how economic systems attempt to allocate resources effectively The economic system is composed of various processes in the Organization and motivation of work production, distribution and circulating, including products and services. Consumer goods, machinery, tools and other technologies. There are three types of economic systems:Market Economy: this market to a minimum level of government intervention is kept or forgotten and economic resources among the private sector as well as the mechanism of price will determine how many products or services will be delivered in accordance with the requirements of the market.

Centrally planned Economy System: The Government makes all the plans for economic resources and economic activities which can be seen on in Asia, Centre of Europe, Cuba, Iran and Iraq have these economic Systems. In this process unemployment will not be a problem as the Government plan for all economic activities and resources. Mixed economy system: this is so far the best economic system for modern world.A mix of other systems, that is public and private both price mechanism work jointly in this process. And also distributes the resources available in the region.

The country, like the United States of America, Canada, and France has this mix economic system, in this process, if one system does not work properly then other works in its process and make balance in the whole economic system. Government use fiscal policy fiscal revenue and expenditure of the Government. When the Government loans from abroad, it creates lower emend of goods and services. As domestic production decreases this lending policy from abroad can affect the related organization.On the other hand organization can achieve better profits for the added capital when government cut of taxes In case of monetary policy process, thorough which government controls the supply of money within the country, most Of the benefits come out when government can stabilize prices and keep page 9 of 17 unemployment rate low. As government keeps the interest rate low, people can lend more money. Thus the extra money they can put into production or n the business cycle which in return increases the profit of the organization.

On the other hand higher interest rate does the vice versa. In this way controlling monetary policy government can affect the organization of the whole country. 2. 3 Influence of the policy of closure and other regulatory mechanisms on the activities of the Organization: The competition targets a market run on the boardwalk and promote better compete it the quality and price.

Thus competition contributes to a broader selection of clients in the market and offers the actual and effective price intention between suppliers. With the negotiation of World Trade Organization (WTFO), world leading trading nations signed and ratified in their parliaments. Main goal is to help producers of goods and services, as well as exporters and importers conduct their smooth business. Almost all people want to have their better interests in international trade. As a result international trade and marketing can be broken sooner or later.

WTFO helps to prevent or mitigate the problems related to the pricing. Profit etc through their details investigation. WTFO also covers intellectual property, odds and services, principles of liberalizing and including exceptions.The strengthened dispute settlement mechanism of the WTFO helps to strengthen to reduce the potential for unilateral and bilateral action outside the multilateral system, proponents of the WTFO has long argued that the reduction of trade barriers will increase world trade, but there is hardly a rigorous Empirical research on the impact of WTFO or trade or trade policy, although a recent study shows that very little, if any, effects, in another study of the MIFF does not agree with this conclusion.Page 10 of 17 Understanding of environmental Nags in the behavior of the market 3. 1 explain how market structures, determination of the price and output decisions of enterprises. I-KS explain the current situation and determine what correct structure would be helpful There are five types of market structure in the UK, and they are following. Perfect competition and perfect competition market Perfect competition market is one where a very large number of buyers and sellers, all distended in the purchase and sale of product, without any unnatural and has a perfect knowledge of the market at the time.

With theSalaciousness words are “the structure of perfect competition market, total absence of rivalry between Individual price takers and where there is freedom of entry into and exit from the industry. ” The characteristics of perfect competition A large number of buyers and sellers Freedom of entrance and exit for enterprises Standardized products (each organization produces and sells a standardized product, so there is no buyer benefit for each individual product to the seller on the other).The absence of the artificial limitations perfect mobility Of raw materials Thorough knowledge of market conditions The monopoly market Monopoly is Salvatore as a monopoly is a form of organization of the common market, where there is one organization to sell the item for which there is no change. There are a number of characteristics of monopoly which ; There is only one seller ; All control on delivery of product is in the hands Of a monopoly ; Under the monopoly, the organization itself is an industry; it can be a solo entrepreneur, partnership, CSS, and etc. ; There is no close substitute product monopoly.

In the case of cross-border demand elasticity is, in any case, it is possible. There are restrictions on the entry of other companies in a product monopoly. Page 11 of 17 Duopoly Duopoly is a special case, the theory of oligopoly, where there are only two sellers and they are fully independent and conflict between them.

Variations in price and will affect the performance of the other and the other bears the loss must meet the cost of the competitor.Oligopoly Oligopoly is a market where there are several companies that sell or standardized various goods. It is difficult to say, the number of companies in the competition between the pair. A few problems on the market shares of he organization, as a rule, on the other. Oligopoly industry produces a standardized product or different products. This concept is called clean and spotless oligopoly and the last incomplete or oligopoly discrimination, called.

Monopolistic competition Monopolistic competition refers to market conditions, when there are many companies that sell a variety of products. “There is a competition, with enthusiasm, but not perfect, many companies produce very similar products.

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