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“How Personal Can Ethics Get? ” Assignment # 1 Instructor: Bus 520 April 24, 2011 1. Discuss how personal differences and preference can impact organizational ethics. Every organization has a standard or code of ethics every employee is expected to adhere to. Not everyone within an organization share the same moral values or principles, this is due to cultural differences and understanding ethics competency. Ethics competency is described as the knowledge, skills and abilities to incorporate values and principals that distinguish right from wrong when making decisions and choosing behaviors ( Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011p. 0). How one determines right from wrong is based on their personal beliefs but behavior and conduct within an organization should be universal, in order for an organization to be effective. Ethical issues within an organization is common because of personal differences , these ethical issues influence the decisions employees make daily (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011). Lawrence Kohlberg’s model of moral development suggests there are stages through which individuals evolve, ranging from the lowest stage obedience and punishment orientation, to the highest stage; universal ethical principles (Hellriegel & Slocum, 2011 p 34).

If everyone made decisions based on personal beliefs, there would be no order, chaos is inevitable. What is seen as ethical or unethical to employees will differ in a company with a lot of diversity meaning ethnicity, race, nationality and gender. Because there are no set rules for making ethical decisions it is important for a company have a strong ethical culture to ensure enforcement of proper conduct. Lying may not be a big deal or seen as harmful to the organization if an employee chooses not to disclose seeing someone steeling money or product.

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This may be a case of an employee not wanting to get involved with or they take the “I’m going to mind my own business” frame of mind. This can be perceived as remaining neutral, however if one chooses to act as if they saw nothing this behavior may be perceived as being just as bad the violator. A person at the obedience and punishment stage would not steal, not because they couldn’t get away with it, but to avoid punishment. Another factor of personal differences is the concept of moral intelligence, principals that include integrity, responsibility, compassion and forgiveness.

These principles are the basis for determining who a company would want to hire. 2. Discuss how organizational policies and procedures can impact ethics. Having a strong ethical culture within an organization, when ethical behavior is demonstrated by leadership, employees appreciate the recognition of the importance and expect proper conduct by their leaders. Organizational policies and procedures should guide the company, this is the informative of whats considered right and wrong.

Organizational policies and procedures cannot prevent all misconduct but these rules are created with hopes that employees make the right decisions, and that there will be harmony and order within the company. There are positives and negatives to these policy, there are always individuals who will create problems by not following rules because they don’t agree with the policy & procedures. So one might compromise their integrity by going against company policy by sharing information with competition to make a sale or other personal gain. 3. Discuss the Ethical Dilemma that Valerie is facing.

Valerie has a pretty tough dilemma she is facing. She discovers the dishonesty and misconduct of her boss Lionel Waters CEO of Wisson. She knows he has been conducting business that could lead the company into big trouble ethically and financially, he could lose his job and face criminal charges because he was accepting kickbacks, improper use of company funds and a slew of other violations that she knew had to be reported, however she was not secured in her position nor was she secured as a citizen in the United States, she has an ethical dilemma.

An ethical dilemma occurs when a decision must be made that involves multiple values (Hellriegel & Slocum 2011 p. 10). She is first having to pretend as if she knows nothing until she decides what to do, The thought of holding on to that type of information for so long without reporting it was bothering her, but she had personal goals and she knew if she reported this, she would put herself at risk of everything she worked hard for. 4. Recommend what Valarie should do. Provide a detailed explanation. She is having to make a decision, in which the ethical intensity of this situation has her in a compromising position.

Valerie recognizes the magnitude of the consequences of her decision if she reports right away, she will be affecting many lives. The whole department could be out of a job. If she loses her job, she could lose her Visa and her right to stay in the United States if she does not have a job. This has been going on for some time now. First, Valerie should look for another job to protect herself, then go to Human Resources to inform them of her findings, express her concern for others for her co-workers, the company as a whole and the department.

She should NOT wait so long to tell, but nor should she sacrifice herself by not securing another Job. She should request that Waters actions be investigated and he be placed on suspension while pending investigation and if there is a chance that the department has to close, that they be allowed to continue to work until the investigation is complete. Note. Adapted from Organizational Behavior, 13th Edition Don Hellriegel & John W. Slocum, Jr 2011, 2009 South-Western, Cengage Learning

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