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Both the poems “Harlem” and”Dreams” are written by Langston Hughes.”Harlem” which is also known as  “Adream Deferred” and “Dreams” are similar and different in a way.The form and structure of these two poems are different. Harlem is a lyric poemwith irregular rhyme where Dream is a lyric poem with regular rhyme.

Sixof the seven sentences in the poem “Harlem” are questions andquestion’s answer where no sentences in the poem “Dreams” arequestions.The main theme of these twopoems are similar and give similar message. The two poems by Langston Hughesgive the different lesson though deep meaning is similar. Both poems approachthe subject of dream from different situation. Harlem poem suggests that noone should delay or postpone their dreams because the more they postpone thedreams the more the dream will change and less likely they will come true.

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From the poem “Harlem”, it says “What happens to adream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?”Raisin is an image ofgrapes dried up.Here deferred means postpone, raisin means A dried, sweet grape. The grape isdried by the sun. When we put it under the sun,it dried and changed. This shows that when dream is delayed it the dream willchange and less likely they will come true. Whereas “Dreams” this poem suggests the ideathat no one should give up on dreams and without dreams life is a waste.From the poem “Dreams”, it says “Hold fast to dreams, for if dream die, life is abroken-winged bird that cannot fly.” Also at the very end, “For when dreams go, Life is a barren field, Frozen with snow.

” Barren field means unproductiveland. If you don’t have dreams then life would be unproductive like barrenfield and dream will never build and will never come true because nothing growson a barren field. This is the differences between the two poems. The two aredifferent, but are closely related.

The main theme of “A Dream deferred” and”Dreams” is dream just like the title. Both of these poems use descriptionand symbolism.If you have a dream, hold on to it and not let go because youdon’t know what would happen if it was postpone. In conclusion, the “dream” is a goal in life, notjust dreams experienced during sleep. The dream is important tothe people’s life. You should have a dream so that life has a worthof living. Even with two different themes, these two poems deal with and send the samemessage on dreams.

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