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Born a Slave Born a slave, Frederick Douglas ?lifted himself up from bondage by his own efforts, developed, later, a great talent as an abolitionist lecturer, a newspaper editor, a recruiter for Union troops in the Civil War, became a noted figure in American life, and gained World-wide recognition as the foremost spokesman for his oppressed people and courageous champion of many other progressive causes of his time.? However, could Frederick Douglass ever have been able to accomplish all this with out being literate The answer is no. Frederick, despite all efforts to stop him, taught himself how to read and write while living under harsh quarters as a slave. This ultimately led to his knowledge of freedom and the learning of how unjust slavery really was. Although Frederick was inspired by a few of the documents; ?What is an American? the Declaration of Independence, Prince Hall?s Petition, and The Constitution, there were a few that also discouraged him in his hope for abolishing slavery and fighting for equal rights as an African American. According to the Declaration of Independence, written in 1776, God has given each human equal rights to ?Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.? frederick, document, slaves, slave, life, freedom, even, country, states, slavery, own, constitution, being, american, read, independence, hall, government, declaration, considered, written, time, through, reading, one, great, free, equal, discouraged, because, americans, america, after, very, rights, man, living, himself, douglas, documents, been, became, african, union, treated, think, same, power, people

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