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Boko Haram is one of the biggest Islamist militant groups in Africa, and is often referred to as the “Nigerian Taliban” because of their resemblance  of faith to the Taliban. Their official name is “Jama’atu Ahlis Sunna Lidda’awati wal-Jihad” which translates from Arabic to “People of the Sunnah (the practice and examples of the Prophet Muhammad’s life) for Preaching and Jihad group”. Though, the most common and widely used translation for Boko Haram, from the Hausa dialect, means “Western education is forbidden.” Boko Haram was founded in 2002 by Mohammed Yusuf, a Nigerian sect leader. He initially began the “group” in order to oppose Western education, referring back to the name “Boko Haram”. He led Boko Haram until 2009, where he was captured, and died, within police custody. Afterwards, Abubakar Shekau took over, and the group’s intent shifted to rid of the Western education and depose the  corrupt government to make room for the Islamic State, in order to implement the Sharia Law. The majority of Boko Haram’s conflict is the religious clash with neighboring Christians in their local area.

Because of their objective to instill Sharia Law, they began attacking churches.  What turned heads, was that they also began basing attacks on mosques, making it clear that their purpose is to ignite an all out war between Christians and their Muslim brothers. Boko Haram exploits two forms of conflict, including open violence and discrimination. Their first known assault was in December of 2003. They attacked several police stations in Yobe, near the Nigerian border with about 200 soldiers. From there on, they continued attacking police stations, robbing banks, and even burning down schools. Boko Haram would also force Christian men to convert to Islam, or they would be presented with death in Maiduguri, Nigeria.

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One of Boko Haram’s more known about missions is the kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls from their boarding school in Chibok, Nigeria back in 2014. According to The New York Times, Boko Haram vowed to to sell the girls to the market and to “give their hands in marriage because they are our slaves.” However, after three years in captivity, 82 girls were let go in exchange for five Boko Haram commanders that had been detained. Boko Haram, as well as most of their attacks, are located in northern Nigeria, which primarily targets government figures, policemen, as well as Christians and Muslims.

They have headquarters in places such as the Sambisa Forest, Borno, and Gwoza. They formed in Nigeria due to an increase in the corruption and fail of the government. Boko Haram has affected many people. For examples, in July of 2009 alone, 800 people died because of execution-style killings from a five day clash between Boko Haram and security forces.  In January 2012, in the city of Kano a widow of a police officer killed by the group which attacked police barracks in disguised uniforms said this,” I was standing in the doorway…. I saw five men in mobile police uniforms. They had AK-47s. They didn’t say anything.

One of them shot me in the leg and I fell inside the house. My husband, he was in uniform, came out and saw them. He had no gun. He asked, “Colleagues, why did you shoot my wife?” And then they shot him, bang in the forehead. He fell down dead.” Doctors had to amputate her leg in which she was shot in the next day.

 According to the Human Rights watch, about 200 police officers have been killed in attacks committed by Boko Haram. Nigeria is located in Eastern Africa and has a total area of 923,768 km to the second. Or, 356,669 sq miles.

If you wanted to compare how big Nigeria is to U.S states, Alaska would be your best fit. I do not believe that the size of the country really has much impact on Boko Haram.

If they truly wanted to, and set their desires out, they could easily begin taking over in and around Nigeria. When it comes to devolution, Boko Haram seems to have northern Nigeria in their hands, but the Nigerian government has made several attempts to stop them from devolutionizing the country. For example, President Muhammadu Buhari sent in military spies, but was later countered with an execution video including the three spies. According to Nigerian news, the minister Lai Mohammed stated the following: “They’ve been completely degraded,” he told The Associated Press in London. “They don’t have the capacity to launch the kind of attacks they did before, but like with all asymmetrical wars, you cannot stop the suicide bombs or the attacks on soft targets. But clearly the government is winning.

It’s a war that can be won.”In proportion or related to, imperialism, by dictionary definition, means the policy of extending a country’s power and influence through diplomacy or military force. Boko Haram is not the government in this case, but they are attempting to spread their beliefs by using military force. Boko Haram has been tyranting northern Nigeria for almost 10 years, and they are currently showing no signs of giving up. Their extreme beliefs cause them to be narrow minded and strict, causing them to do unsolicited and unnecessary damage upon the people of Nigeria. I think a solution to stop Boko Haram is to just fight fire with fire.

I think it should be something similar of the Osama Bin Laden situation, and just try to demolish the group and stop it from rebuilding after taking out the leader.

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