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Hemoglobin enables the red cells to transport oxygen to the tissue; hush, its concentration increases correspondingly. Homoerotic is the volume of packed red cells found in mall of blood. Since it also corresponds to the RIB count, homoerotic concentration increases as well. The estrogen production in female suppresses the erythrocytes found in the RIB whereas the sex hormone, testosterone found in male stimulates the production of erythrocytes also explains the difference in males and females. 2.

When training at high altitude, there will be a decrease of atmospheric pressure of oxygen so that less oxygen will be pushed into the lungs, resulting in a decrease in partial pressure and hypoxia. In other words, the body is not producing sufficient amount of red blood cell to meet up the increase demands of oxygen. Hormone erythrocytes is then secreted by the kidneys to stimulate the production of RIB from bone marrow. Hemoglobin will also be increased to facilitate oxygen delivery to the tissues.

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Homoerotic, the concentration of RIB in a sample of blood, increases as well. The elevated level of RIB counts allows the body to be more efficient at carrying and circulating blood throughout the body, therefore, increases the athletes performance in the race. 3. A. Linctuses mononucleosis: It is a common infection caused by Epstein-Barr primarily carried in the salivary and spread by sneezes, coughs, and intimate contact such as kissing. TTS symptoms includes fever, fatigue, and sore throat. B. Sick cell anemia: Sickle cell anemia is an inherited disorder that the body produces abnormally shaped hemoglobin found in red blood cells. It is caused by a mistake in the HUB gene coding for hemoglobin. , 4. Blood group ABA have both A and B antigens of their surface membranes but they don’t have anti-A and anti-B antibodies against A and B antigens. Therefore, they can only donate blood to type ABA individual but not the others.

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