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blood donation BY uadLc96 Be an Angel and donate blood Can you believe that if you are 18 years old or older you can be someone’s saviour? You don’t have to have special powers, to be that all you need is yourself and the nearest blood bank. I was a 7 year old girl with kidney failure. Here in Kuwait there were no medicines for me, so my dad took me to London hoping for treatment and we found it. The doctors at the hospital scheduled me for an urgent surgery. But there were not enough blood units for them to start the operation.

We could have found a solution but my mom decided to fly out to London and donate blood to me although she was 6 months pregnant and she could have risked her life and my brother’s. Good morning Mrs. Beth and my fellow classmates today I’m going to talk you over the need of donating blood, the process and what will happen if we donate our blood more. Now I’m going to talk about the problem of donating blood. In the whole world there is blood insufficiency but specially here in Kuwait. There are not nough blood downers and many people are paying the consequences of that.

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According to redcrossblood. org we can’t get blood by producing it, the only way to get it is by the help of the generous downers and they stated that we need up to 41,000 of blood donations per day worldwide. Now, it’s time to find out who can help and how can we save the day for them. Anyone who is 18 years old or older who is in a good shape, not pregnant, not taking antibiotics, not suffering from any diseases and f you have the ideal weight which ranks between 110 bounds and more can donate blood.

First, we must start with actually going to the central blood bank here in Kuwait and donate. It’s located in Jabriya behind Mubarak A1-Kabeer Hospital. If you are a citizen you are going to need your ID as for non citizens you have to bring your passport with you. They are open from Sunday to Thursday from 7 a. m. till 8:30 p. m. , Friday from 1 afternoon till 6:30 p. m. and finally from 8 a. m. till 6: 30 p. m. . When ou arrive you will have to register and fill out a form.

You don’t have to pay any fees to donate blood and you are going to be served with refreshments when you finish with the donation.. Contact some channels that support the new ideas of the community or you can contact the central bank of Kuwait and propose working together to contribute into this disastrous need and maybe to ads on smart phones or media programs . If the previous solutions are a bit hard to achieve try having a fund raiser and do the commercial that is needed. We do have a lot of generous people here in Kuwait.

One last idea that you can do is that you can take advantage of famous actors or people. Most of them want to show people that they are good and compassionate. They are properly are, put it’s a great way to nock two birds in one stone. Imagine saving a life? Think about not only saving that person’s life but also helping his family heal after a horrible and maybe tragic experience. You are also raising awareness for people to demolish the wrong believes they have about onating blood.

Imagine if you give 45 minutes of your day to keep a smile on the kids of a patient. Imagine going to donate blood and lose 650 calories per donation. How are going to feel when you show the world how easy it is to donate blood. How needed. In conclusion, i have talked you over donating blood on the problem and the solution. People are dying, others suffer nonstop and people’s wrong believes. The solution donating and telling the story, giving lectures and tell you friend and family about this experience.

Contact some people with power and you will see the difference it will leave on your community and most of all yourself. After you donate and contribute into this fabulous gesture. In my opinion,” raise awareness about this problem whenever you get the chance to do that. Try to do lectures and try sharing your personal story with others so they themselves can do the same as you did. In the end i hope that you enjoyed my presentation and hopefully you will lead this nation into this great gesture and I’m positive that they are going to follow

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