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Human Development Posters – Adrian Scale, Julie Civilian Moderators – Matthew Discarded, Heather Duopoly Respondents- Molly Keating, Jackals Anomaly, Catherine Anally Viewers- Edward O’Donnell, Meghan O’Neill, Meghan Reilly, Nicholas Mandrakes Blob #2 Posters – Molly Keating, Meghan O’Neill, Catherine Anally Moderators – Edward O’Donnell, Nicholas Mandrakes, Catherine Anally Respondents – Adrian Scale, Meghan Reilly Viewers -Julie Civilian, Matthew Discarded, Jackals Anomaly Blob #3Posters – Heather Duopoly Respondent In response to Heather’s post: Heather brings up great examples of memory in Lost. External cues, internal emotions, and order of appearance influence memory retrieval. The different examples of memory are brought up by diverse retrieval cues in Lost.

Heather described how misinformation effect, interrogate amnesia, state-dependent memory, and iconic memory are some retrieval cues that are portrayed throughout Lost-instilling a flashback. “…

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Recall, recognition, and relearning speed are three ways that psychologists measure retention of memories” (Myers, 312). The measures of retention can also be examined when looking at the retrieval cues. Acid’s photo and Skate’s toy airplane allow them to recall memories of the past. When Sawyer is in the woods and about to depart, he recognizes Jacks emotions.

Sawyer recalls his experience with Jacks father and is able to tell Jack his emotional memory. I find it interesting that Lost uses various retrieval cues specific to a character to trigger memory (flashbacks).

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