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BitLocker Drive Encryption is an information assurance include accessible Windows Server 2008 R2 and in a few versions of Windows 7. Having BitLocker coordinated with the working framework tends to the dangers of information burglary or presentation from lost, stolen, or improperly decommissioned PCs.
BitLocker furnishes the most assurance when utilized with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) variant 1.2. The TPM is an equipment part introduced in numerous more up to date PCs by the PC producers. It works with BitLocker to help secure client information and to guarantee that a PC has not been messed with while the framework was disconnected.
On PCs that don’t have a TPM rendition 1.2, you can at present utilize BitLocker to encode the Windows working framework drive. Nonetheless, this execution will require the client to embed a USB startup key to begin the PC or resume from hibernation, and it doesn’t give the pre-startup framework respectability check offered by BitLocker with a TPM.
BitLocker can utilize a TPM to check the uprightness of early boot segments and boot setup information. This guarantees BitLocker makes the scrambled drive open just if those segments have not been messed with and the encoded drive is situated in the first PC.
BitLocker guarantees the respectability of the startup procedure by taking the accompanying activities:
Give a strategy to watch that early boot record honesty has been kept up, and help guarantee that there has been no ill-disposed alteration of those documents, for example, with boot area infections or rootkits.
Improve assurance to alleviate disconnected programming based assaults. Any elective programming that may begin the framework does not approach the decoding keys for the Windows working framework drive.
Bolt the framework when it is messed with. In the event that any observed records have been messed with, the framework does not begin. This cautions the client to the altering, in light of the fact that the framework neglects to begin not surprisingly. If framework lockout happens, BitLocker offers a basic recuperation process.

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