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Birth Order Birth Order One long controversy among behavioral scientist is the existence of a sibling position effect. Birth order research and theories can be criticized because of differences between parents, sibling positions of the parents, size of families, socioeconomic status, and culture.

The conclusions drawn from research studies on sibling position are also often contradictory. However for some reason children with certain birth order roles grow into adolescents and adults with similar qualities. In order to understand the sibling positions in a certain family the family system must be understood, since elements of structure in family systems form the context in which sibling positions develop. The family environment includes membership units, interaction patterns, boundaries, rules, roles, and alliances. The desires, hopes, and dreams of the parents are carried by the first child. Everything the child does is being done by the first time in the eyes of the new parents. The landmarks of the first smile, tooth, steps, word, first day of school, graduation are all met with overjoyed responses from parents, grandparents, and other relatives.

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In most families, the responses from this large family audience are more exaggerated than they will be for any birth, order, children, family, child, first, parents, second, third, since, themselves, sibling, rules, structure, siblings, members, focus, explicit, within, second-born, relationships, relationship, one, often, implicit, however, hoopes, each, determine, between, behavior, because, 1987, way, very

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