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Biomes BY Ruby-y3712 Tropical Rain Forest & Boreal Forest Locations Tropical Rain Forest ??? Tropic of Capricorn- 23. 50 S latitude ??? Amazon Rainforest – Latitude above 1 50N Boreal Forest ??? Boreal Taiga- 500 N latitude ??? Boreal Siberia- 340N Latitude Abiotic Factors ??? Weather, climate, rain, sunlight, clouds, and soil is very poor in these areas. The Amazon river rises a lot its water is absorbed in plants for nutrients. ??? Weather, Climate, and soil is very poor. ??? Leaves that are loss and then contribute to soil. ?? Long Winters, Very cold climate.

Biotic Factors ??? Jaguars, frogs, tree canopies, fungi, monkeys, exotic birds, reptiles anteaters, bugs, insects, fruits and algae ??? Consumer: Insects, Jaguars, Anacondas, & predators. ??? Lynxes, timber wolves, moose, black bears, coyotes; large Herbivores and small herbivores mammals & Plants. ??? Producers: Plants, algae, etc. ??? Decomposers: Soil, and honey fungus. Interesting Facts Tropic Rain Forest ??? In some rainforests monkeys ??? “Mammals have adapted to can be omnivores, and eat his extremely cold weather by both animals and plants. rowing thick fur coats. These ??? On the Rain forest floors, there are many plant families that are located in canopies. animals include the sable, lynx, marten, and many others. ” ??? In these regions, animals have long and thin legs Water Ecosystem ???Organisms form distinctive vertical sub ???It contains Nekton which are larger organisms ???It protects inland shore surf Reference ??? Interesting Facts on Rain Forests http://www. srl. caltech. edu/perso nel/krubal/rainforest/Edit560s6 /www/facts. tml – interesting facts ??? Rainforest adventures http://www. rainforestadventure. com/sustainability/about_the_rai nforest/ – Interesting facts #2 ??? Www. Prezi. com/Amazon Rainforest – Abiotic and Biotic Factors ??? Interesting Animal Facts http://interesting-animalfacts. com/Boreal-ForestAnimal- Facts/Boreal-ForestAnimal-Facts. shtml Interesting Facts ??? vwwv. prezi. com/ taigaborealfor est – Abiotic and Biotic Factors ??? Water Ecosystem: www. google. com/ Marine Ecosystem

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