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The Simple Sugars experiment included 7 test tubes with 1 ml of the different solutions inside. Another ml of Benedict Reagent (Testing reagent) which acts with carbonyl groups of reducing sugars was put into all 7 solutions.

Then The 7 Test tubes were placed in a beaker on a hot plate with boiling water. The Test tubes were left to boil for 10 minutes. The Result being Test tube #2 (glucose) it changed to a orange like color after boiling. That was the only solution that was considered to be a simple carbohydrate. The Second test (Complex carbohydrates) with the same 7 Solutions with Potassium Iodine as its testing reagent (Iodine happens to bind to helical or coiled structure of starch lessees). The solutions were not boiled this time but left to sit.

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The result being corn starch (test tube #3) the only solution that reacted with the reagent, Therefore starch was present. Testing For lipids Experiment with the consisting 7 solutions but as Sudan 111 dye (containing Ethan and monopole solvent) as its Reagent. To know if Lipids was present the solutions would dissolve in the reagent. If there were no lipids present then it would be separated into 2 layers. None of our solutions had a reaction to the reagent. The forth experiment involved testing for proteins and the testing reagent was Beirut Reagent (light blue color).

We put Mil_ of the sample and 1 ml of reagent in the test tube. We also added an 8th solution that was “unknown” . When protein is present the solution turns a Violet color (when copper ions react with peptide bonds in proteins). What I observed was every solution besides Gelatin and our unknown substance remained clear. Gelatin and the unknown solution turned a light Violet color. The last Experiment was testing for Nucleic Acids. We used 1 ml of the sample and 1 ml or reagent (Ditches Dependencies Reagent).

Then the test tube was placed in a beaker of boiling water and left there for 5 minutes. Then we observed the color change. If Nucleic Acids was present in the solutions it would turn a blue color. Test tube #6 that contained DNA solutions was the only reactant in this experiment. CONCLUDED In Test 1 1 believe Glucose was the only reactant because it contained mostly sugar and adding the Benedict reagent donated a oxygen atom to the “allayed national group” of the sugar making it oxidized and the reagent is reduced.

Test 2 Corn Starch was the only reactant because the iodine bind to the helical regions of the starch molecules. Test 4 Gelatin and the unknown solution were the only solutions that had a reaction. Which means it contains an amount of proteins causing the peptide bonds to react with the copper ions in the Beirut Reagent. Test 5 the DNA solution was the only solution that reacted. The reagent Shows the present of DNA in a substance but the presents of RNA.

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