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The ions that have the most molecular mass is the Africanized ions. 8. The Africanized ions is the slowest migrating species. I.

The solution that was hypersonic was Solution A. 2. Hence, Solution A gained water. 3. The Isolation that has a higher osmotic pressure is Solution B. 4.

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The substance inside the membrane that reacted with iodine is starch. . The substance that moved out through the membrane is glucose. . The test that could be used to test the presence of glucose outside is the Feelings test. 7. The substance that can be absorbed directly by the cells of our guts is glucose.

8. The substances that will be further digested is protein and starch. 9. If the dialysis bag was flaccid or limp at the beginning of the experiment, at the end of the experiment it Will be fully turgid, 10. If the system stands for a long time, the statement that best describes the situation at equilibrium is that all lessees cross the membrane equally often in either direction. L.

When the onion cell is added with sodium chloride solution, the onion cell will undergo polynomials. 2. The onion cell is hypotonic.

Thus, the avatar in the onion cell flows out through the process called osmosis 3. On the other hand, if the onion cell is added with denizen water it will undergo diplomatists or turgid, 4. The onion cell is hypersonic. Thus, the water flows into the onion cell through the process called osmosis. CONCLUSION : Diffusion defines the natural process in which the atoms, molecules, or ions of efferent substances intermix due to their spontaneous random motion (Business Dictionary, 2013).

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