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Stephen White Biology Lab 11. 1 Observations of the speckles of a sponge Supplies Microscope Prepared slide: Sponge Lab notebook Colored pencils Natural Sponges Hypothesis We will learn more in depth about sponges and the complexity of this animal Procedure Set up microscopic as instructed in previous experiments. Place the prepared slide under the microscope. Observe under low power and draw what you see in your notebook. This slide shows you the speckles, Which make up the support system of the sponge.They are produced by embosses and come in a variety of shapes: needle, multistoried ” jack,” hooked or barbed. The shape of the speckles is used to classify sponges.

Look for different shapes of speckles. See if you can relate any of the shapes you see to the ones listed above Observe under high power and draw one microscope field. If you have purchased sponges from an art store, Slice off a small section and make a wet mount by wetting the slice and covering it with a coveralls.

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The thinner the slice, the more you will see Observe under low power and high rower and sketch a section of the sponge in your notebook, one for each power Clean up and return the equipment to its proper place. Results/conclusion Mephistopheles was correct. What we observed from this experiment was what shape the speckles of the sponge were because this can help us classify this sponge as a needle sponge and through our observations we see yet another example through just a small sample of sponge we get to see GODS amazing power through out this sponges complexity.

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