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The higher the concentration of glucose, the shorter time taken for the reduction of potassium permanganate, hence resulting in shorter time taken for the pink color of potassium permanganate to decolonize. This is because the concentration of glucose molecules in glucose solution is high thus more electron are donated to the permanganate within a constant period. Variables: Independent: The concentration of the glucose solution Dependent: The time taken for the pink color of the potassium permanganate to turn into colorless Controlled: Volume/Units Materials list : Eye protection .

A timer a glass rod a boiling tube and a rack 3 beakers 3 syringes 6 labels glucose solutions 12%) 3 solution of unknown glucose concentration (A,B,C) sulfuric acid potassium permanganate Procedure: 1. Label your three beakers sulfuric acid UP- for potassium permanganate G- for glucose 2. Label your syringes in the same way. 3. Add about 25 cam of sulfuric acid and potassium permanganate to the beakers – this will be your stock to use throughout the experiment. Note which glucose solution you are testing first. 4. Use the correct syringe to place 10 cam of the first glucose solution into the boiling tube.

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